Adelaide’s Pioneering Companies Revolutionizing Australia’s Machine Learning Landscape

Adelaide, Australia—known for its wine and the picturesque beaches of Kangaroo Island—is fast becoming a hotbed of innovation in the machine learning industry. Several companies, from startups to established businesses, are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to disrupt different sectors, from health to real estate to sports. In this instalment of our series, we will be looking closer at some of these companies and how they are leveraging machine learning to create innovative solutions, drive business growth, and foster healthier communities.

The City of Churches is now home to an impressive array of tech enterprises, each bringing their unique approach to machine learning. This diverse pool of innovative minds is making Adelaide a global player in the tech space. Whether it’s predictive analytics for property advice or data mining for digital marketing, the role of machine learning in Adelaide’s tech landscape cannot be overemphasised.

Adelaide’s thriving tech scene proves the city’s capability to compete favourably with other global tech cities. By leveraging machine learning and other emerging technologies, these trailblazing companies are fuelling a new future for Adelaide – one of promise and exciting possibilities. Let’s dive into the exciting operations of these pioneering companies.


Founded by George Giannakodakis, PointData is a predictive analytics company based in Adelaide that incorporates state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to deliver superior property and planning advice. The team is made up of seasoned data scientists, systems engineers and property and planning professionals who utilize artificial intelligence to improve decision-making, assist businesses and facilitate better urban planning. Connect with PointData on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Athlete’s AI

Founded by David To, Guy Gallash and Mark McDonnell, Athlete’s AI uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to deliver real-time sports analytics. Established in 2017 and headquartered in Adelaide, Athlete’s AI is dedicated to enhancements in sporting performance. Discover more by visiting their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by John Lindsay, Martin Luerssen and Tanya Newhouse, Clevertar uses artificial intelligence and powerful chatbot technology to solve business challenges. The company specialises in conversational virtual characters, language models, natural language processing, semantic search, and speech AI. Find out more on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Borough Markets

Borough Markets provides solutions for machine learning, mobile commerce, and data mining. The Adelaide-based company also offers AI-driven campaign management, content management and a unique e-commerce platform. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and their LinkedIn page.


RehabSwift provides a groundbreaking machine-learning algorithm designed to enhance sensation and cognitive abilities. More about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Jemsoft is a technology company specialising in computer vision and machine learning. The company offers user-trainable computer vision systems suited for global enterprise and developers. Connect with Jemsoft on their LinkedIn page.

Smart G

Founded by Jacky Teng, Smart G offers comprehensive solutions, from creating apps to home security. Drawing on their own unique AI system, the company is pursuing projects in AI, VR, AR and IoT. Find out more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Waters Technology

Founded by Aroma Takahata Waters and Jamie Waters, Waters Technology specialises in data centres and machine learning within information technology.

Written by Mark Smith

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