Advancing Mining Innovations: Spotlight on Bangkok-Based Industry Pioneers

Mining is one of the most significant sectors in Thailand’s economy, and Bangkok, Krung Thep, boasts many innovative companies that are contributing to the industry’s evolution. These forward-thinking firms are integrating cutting-edge technology into their operations, from data mining and machine learning to blockchain and renewable energy, ushering the industry into a new era. This article focuses on noteworthy Bangkok-based companies making waves in the mining sector, providing insights into their background, operations, and contributions to the industry.

In examining these companies, we don’t just look at their operations and the resources they exploit, but also the advanced technologies they bring into play. Key areas of interest include artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and renewable energy, among others. These technological incorporations and transformations are defining the future of mining in ways never envisioned before.

Below we explore the profiles of each of these companies, understanding their operations, their industrial contributions, and the roles they play in pushing forward the frontiers of technology in the mining sector.

Sertis Co., Ltd.

Founded by Thuchakorn (Tee) Vachiramon, Sertis is a leading company in Asia specializing in data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to solve complex business problems. Sertis provides key technical capabilities in big data infrastructure, blockchain, data visualization and analytics. They cater to diverse industries like Retail, Airline, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Manufacturing, FMCG, and Healthcare. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook.


Banpu‘s operations span the energy and mining sectors, with a focus on solar energy. View their profile on LinkedIn.

Berli Jucker

Berli Jucker is a Bangkok-based firm that laid the foundation for Thailand’s progress towards industrialization through diverse activities including rice milling, mining, timber, shipping, and importing.


Specializing in chemical, industrial manufacturing, mining, and precious metals, Chememan is a major player in the industry. Visit their LinkedIn or Facebook page.


Pan Asia Metals pursues battery and critical metal opportunities, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and a zero carbon footprint. Connect with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Sahakol Equipment

Sahakol Equipment offers mining solutions and equipment rental and maintenance. They also apply their expertise in civil construction to build infrastructure.

Facgure Company

Specializing in data mining, database, and web apps, Facgure Company helps companies take strides in the digital industry. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.


Founded by Jan Willem Veldhuis, Bitcause operates in the sectors of information technology, mining, and payments.


Dailitech leverages cloud data services, consulting, and data mining to drive growth in the information technology sector. Follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Oriental Copper Co

Involved in the fields of industrial engineering, industrial manufacturing, manufacturing, and mining, Oriental Copper Co is a significant player in the industry. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.

Tongkah Harbour

Tongkah Harbour handles mining, precious metals, and property development. Visit their LinkedIn to learn more.

Written by Mark Smith

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