Arnhem’s Solar Industry Innovators: Transforming Future Energy in the Netherlands

The bustling heart of Gelderland, Arnhem, is fast becoming a global leader in the sector of renewable energy – more specifically Solar energy. Skyscrapers and corporate offices may be what comes to mind when talking about the industry, but it’s in this quaint Dutch City where big things are happening. We are putting the spotlight on a powerful group of solar companies headquartered in Arnhem.

Recognized as leading players in their fields, these innovative businesses are dedicated to the development of renewable energy technologies and solutions – all in the pursuit of a sustainable future. From energy storage systems to solar technology manufacturing, all play a crucial role in cultivating the clean energy landscape.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the profiles of these distinguished companies that are shaping the solar industry in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


Founded in 2014 Elestor has made its name in the Energy, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, and Solar industry. Founded by Wiebrand Kout in Arnhem, Elestor BV’s headquarters are located in the Powerlab, a part of the Energy Business Park Arnhems Buiten. Despite its recent inception, the company has shown a committed promise to the world of sustainable energy.


As a company at the intersection of Energy, Renewable Energy, Software, and Solar, Watch-E is a dynamic player in the industry. Based in Arnhem, they are contributing to the burgeoning renewable industry, transforming how businesses interact with solar energy.

HyET Solar

“Energy for all” might be a fitting slogan for HyET Solar. Focused on manufacturing in the Renewable Energy and Solar industry, this Arnhem-based company is committed to providing sustainable energy solutions that democratize access to clean energy.


Focused on the Energy and Solar industry, VenFeld, founded by Harry Wolkenfelt, provides seamless solutions from orientation and development to realization. Their offerings also include financing, maintenance, and insurance, making them an all-encompassing energy company. You can also follow them on their Facebook page.

At the heart of the Solar industry is Their Arnhem-based operations focus on the provision of leading-edge solutions, contributing to the sustainable movement in The Netherlands and beyond.

Offering unique solutions in the Local, Service Industry, and Solar sector, Arnhem-based is enthusiastic about paving the way towards a sustainable future. They are committed to creating valuable connections and promoting the uptake of solar energy.

In conclusion, these companies are demonstrating that pioneering sustainable technologies and innovations can indeed be cultivated in Arnhem, a city rich in both history and now, futuristic visions. Tune in again as we continue our voyage into the realms of the solar industry in The Netherlands in our upcoming articles!

Written by Mark Smith

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