Asheville’s Pioneer Renewable Energy Companies Reshaping North Carolina’s Industry Landscape

The renewable energy industry is dynamically growing, with several promising companies emerging with innovative solutions to provide clean energy. One American city that isn’t usually recognized for its contributions to this industry is Asheville, North Carolina, but it is home to numerous renewable energy companies that are making significant impacts in the green energy landscape. Here are some of the unique companies that call Asheville home, and are changing the face of renewable energy.

Their goal is not limited to providing energy solutions, but extends to advocating for a broader acceptance and understanding of renewable energy. Their innovative approaches envelop a variety of industry sectors like solar power technologies, energy efficiency, financial leasing, and wastage reduction. We aren’t just talking of companies solely inspired by profit, but companies driven by a passionate concern for the environment.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these Asheville companies who are actively shaping the renewable energy industry and creating cleaner futures for everyone.

Innovative Solar Systems

Founded by Richard Green, Innovative Solar Systems has been committed to solving global energy issues by installing advanced renewable solar PV systems. Specialized in providing turnkey services for commercial solar systems in the 500kW to 500MW range, they have been at the forefront of energy conservation programs since the early 2000s. Find them on Linkedin.

FLS Energy

FLS Energy, opened by Dale Freudenberger in 2006, offers system design, engineering, and turnkey project development for solar energy projects. To date, they have successfully developed nearly 100 solar energy projects. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Adamant Energy

Adamant Energy, founded by Will Ponder, aims to bring about energy efficiency through innovation, communication, and resolve. They are dedicated to overcoming traditional barriers for the deployment of existing energy efficiency technologies. Learn more about them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Sugar Hollow Solar

Sugar Hollow Solar offers solutions that transition your home or business away from fossil fuels, promising more comfort, control, and savings. They are reachable via Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Waste Reduction Partners

Waste Reduction Partners offer on-site assessments and consulting services to help businesses reduce their carbon footprints and lessen their environmental impacts. They excel in providing energy efficiency, utility management resources, energy surveys, and strategic energy planning. Get in touch with them on Twitter and Linkedin.


Intelli-Products, founded by Rick Clemenzi, operates in the clean energy, energy, renewable energy, and solar industries. They are committed to bringing their intelligent products to the market to support the renewable energy sector.

Written by Mark Smith

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