Augmented Reality Innovation: Profiling Mapo’s Leading AR Technology Enterprises

For any technophile or futurist, Mapo, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea, is unquestionably a hub of burgeoning technological advancement. This city is igniting the imagination of innovators and investors alike with its vibrant augmented reality industry. Leading the charge are companies that are leveraging the cutting-edge technology of AR and VR to redefine digital experience and, subsequently, our collective future.

The beauty of augmented reality lies in its power to layer digital enhancements over our physical world, morphing how we perceive and interact with reality. This burgeoning industry is being fueled by innovative companies, each with their own unique approaches and applications of AR and VR technology. From gaming to content creation, hardware to software – the scope and application of AR and VR are indeed broad and far-reaching

Notably, the following companies headquartered in Mapo, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, are actively pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the AR industry. With their impressive innovation and drive, they’re redefining the AR landscape and contributing to the industry’s rapid progression.


Operating at the intersection of augmented reality, content creation, and virtual reality, WideBrain is a company that’s making waves in the industry. Driven by their creative entrepreneurial spirit, this company is shaping its unique space in the AR industry and unquestionably contributing to its exponential growth. Find out more about their projects on their Facebook page.


Melding realms of 3D technology, AR, gaming, hardware, and virtual reality, d-carrick is far more than your average tech company. In addition to developing online games, character products, and media content creation, this ambitious enterprise also branches into general film and video production, exhibitions, and theme parks. This mixed bag of expertise allows d-carrick to venture into new AR territories, providing a holistic approach to the industry.


At KoVRA, augmented and virtual reality is the name of the game. The company stands at the forefront of the AR scene in Mapo, Seoul, innovatively encapsulating the power of AR and VR with their groundbreaking projects. Get to know more about what they are up to on their Facebook page.


Digiforet is a dynamic tech company transforming the AR industry with their innovative software solutions. Focused on augmented and virtual reality, this company is delivering exceptional experiences that blur the lines between the digital and the physical.


Equally influential in the AR industry is VRUNCH. Offering state-of-the-art software in augmented and virtual reality, the company is carving its own path in the AR domain. Check out their latest news and initiatives on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Be Make

With their unique amalgamation of expertise in augmented reality, drones, manufacturing, and virtual reality, Be Make is making a strong mark in the AR industry. By revolutionising how we interact with technology, this company is undoubtedly a trendsetter in the field.


Devoted to harnessing the incredible power of augmented and virtual reality, Illusicsoft is one of the key players in the AR industry. Pioneering new technologies and experiences, this company is shaping the future of AR. You can follow their developments via their LinkedIn profile.

Written by Mark Smith

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