Austin’s Pioneering Leaders Revolutionizing the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is an essential part of our daily lives, not just providing the energy needed to power our homes and vehicles, but also creating products such as plastics, fertilizers, and medicines, which we depend on every day. In this article, we will spotlight several companies in Austin, Texas, United States, that are playing pivotal roles in this industry. These companies, diverse in their specific focus and contribution, reflect the resilience, dynamism, and innovativeness that characterizes the oil and gas industry.

The global shift towards renewable energy and sustainable practices has also influenced oil and gas companies. Advancements in technology and innovative practices are redefining how these companies operate, contributing to greater efficiency, sustainability, and responsiveness to the dynamic energy landscape. From sand extraction to data analytics and blockchain technology, these Austin-based companies are harnessing the power of innovation to transform the industry.

Despite facing significant challenges over the past few years, including fluctuations in oil prices, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the transition to clean energy, these companies have shown their resilience and adaptability, becoming key players in the industry. Their leadership and commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability are invaluable assets to the industry and make them worthy of recognition.

Atlas Sand

Founded by Bud Brigham, Atlas Sand brings significant experience in the Permian Basin and the sand mining industry to play. The company is known for providing the oil & gas industry access to the largest, highest quality frac sand reserves in West Texas. Atlas Sand specializes in 40/70 and 100 mesh products with higher crush strength, making them ideal for a variety of industry applications. Follow Atlas Sand on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Andrew Aubrey and Brendan Smith, SeekOps provides end-to-end gas emissions inspection operations. This Austin-based company is an indispensable tool for oil and gas companies working to increase operational efficiency. Learn more about SeekOps on their Linkedin page.


Founded by Alan Berezin, Allen Gilmer, Mark Nibbelink, and Mark Szygenda, Drillinginfo is an Austin-based company providing information, intelligence, and analysis platforms for the oil and gas industry. Their innovative products aim to streamline processes, leading to quicker and safer exploration and production of global resources. Find out more about Drillinginfo on their LinkedIn page.

Co-founded by Elena Salova, Monte Zweben, and Omar A. Talib, leverages artificial intelligence to improve operational monitoring for chemical and energy producers. Their cloud-based SaaS application provides enhanced troubleshooting, granting operators and engineers unprecedented observability over operational data.


Under the leadership of Panos Adamopoulos, Seismos provides cutting-edge data analytics for production optimization in the oil and gas industry. Their proprietary solutions allow for real-time, in-reservoir fluid flow monitoring during production. Stay connected with Seismos via their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Zeno Technologies

Founded by Christian Kanady and Joel Carusone, Zeno Technologies helps energy companies make smart, fast business decisions. Their Energy Operating System connects your entire company through data, automates repetitive tasks, and delivers real-time insights. Find Zeno Technologies on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Headed by Parker Reese, Ameredev is an Austin-based exploration and production company. Its focus is on the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties in the Permian Basin. Discover more about Ameredev on their Linkedin page.

360 Mining, Inc.

360 Mining, Inc., founded by Christopher Alfano, aligns energy and bitcoin mining to create a vertically integrated company that operates natural gas and power generation assets in the United States. Learn more about 360 Mining, Inc. on their LinkedIn page.

Three Rivers Operating Company

Under Mike Wichterich’s leadership, Three Rivers Operating Company acquires, develops, and exploits oil and gas reserves in the Permian Basin in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. Follow Three Rivers Operating Company on LinkedIn.

Infinity Water Solutions

Infinity Water Solutions is a water management solutions company that serves the oil and gas industry. It focuses on recycling and reusing water, reducing reliance on fresh water. Follow Infinity Water Solutions on LinkedIn.

Qv21 Technologies

Co-founded by Huw Thomas, Qv21 Technologies provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) fleet management and logistics solutions for mid-sized companies in the oil and gas industry. To keep up with Qv21 Technologies, follow them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Austin, Texas, United States is emerging as a leading hub for oil and gas companies given its rich array of innovative companies that are driving change and growth in the industry. These companies are leveraging innovative technologies and best practices to offer superior services in the oil and gas industry, hence transforming the landscape and making significant contributions to the industry’s future.

Written by Mark Smith

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