Belfast’s Pioneering Firms Leading the Charge in Renewable Energy Solutions

Welcome to another installment in our series on renewable energy companies making strides in the beautiful city of Belfast, United Kingdom. Belfast, renowned for its rich history, is now steadily making a name for itself in the domain of renewable energy. This article brings into focus some thriving Belfast-based organisations committing to creating sustainable solutions for our planet. Let’s get acquainted with the prominent players in this field.

Renewable energy has been rapidly gaining traction, with more companies involving themselves in developing technologies to harness wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources. The Belfast renewable energy landscape is no exception. From tech organisations developing smart solar solutions to energy retailers promoting the use of renewable energy sources, the commitment to a sustainable future is strong.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these companies, their background, and the valuable contributions they’re making to Belfast’s renewable energy scene.


BuffaloGrid is operating at the intersection of Clean Energy, Hardware, Internet, Internet of Things, Renewable Energy, and Solar sectors. Founded by Daniel Becerra, Daniel Fogg, Phil Schluter, BuffaloGrid’s mission is to connect and empower the next billion users by providing them with better access to mobile digital services. Serving the often-overlooked frontier market smartphone users, BuffaloGrid uses solar energy to improve quality of life and business activities. Connect with them on LinkedIn and @buffalogrid on Twitter.

Power NI

Power NI operates in the Energy, Renewable Energy, Retail sectors. Amidst Belfast’s vibrant energy sector, Power NI stands out as an energy retailer focused on promoting renewable energy channels. Find them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Senergy Innovations

Senergy Innovations, established by Christine Boyle, is a smart solar thermal panels designer and manufacturer with a specialty in advanced nano-composite plastics. Senergy Innovations aims to supply affordable and efficient solar water heating solutions to the masses. Injecting innovative technology into their design and performance, Senergy stands firm on their commitment to an emission-free future. Follow them on Twitter.

Pure Marine

Founded in June 2007 by Paul Brewster and Philip Irwin, Pure Marine merges commercial and technical expertise to address the major challenge facing the marine energy industry which centers around producing more energy at a lower cost. The lack of cost-effective solutions in the ocean energy domain is a gap that Pure Marine is tirelessly working to bridge. You can connect with Pure Marine on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Bryson Energy

Bryson Energy, a stalwart in the Energy, Non-Profit, and Renewable Energy sector, is tirelessly working to promote sustainable energy alternatives. Their efforts contribute to Belfast’s ambitious plan to transition to a green city. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

SDS Energy

Last but certainly not least, SDS Energy continues to enhance its reputation in the Energy, Project Management, and Renewable Energy industry. Applying their expertise in project management towards the goal of a sustainable future, SDS Energy is yet another key player in Belfast’s green scene. Engage with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As we bring focus to these companies operating in Belfast’s renewable energy sector, we see a promising and green future ahead. These companies illustrate that Belfast isn’t just keeping pace with worldwide renewable energy trends, but is charging ahead with ambitious innovation. We’re excited to see where their efforts lead in the months and years to come.

Written by Mark Smith

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