Bristol’s Innovative Leaders Pioneering Sustainable Recycling Tech Solutions


At the cutting edge of environmental responsibility, numerous companies in Bristol City are transforming the way we perceive and manage waste. These trailblazing organisations not only aim to tackle waste and promote recycling but also strive to instill sustainable practices into the very fabric of their operational frameworks. Let’s delve into some of these companies, changing the status quo and helping to reconfigure our everyday practices into more environmentally responsible actions.

The city of Bristol, known for its vibrant culture and rich maritime history, is also a burgeoning hub for environmental conservation and waste management. From tech startups pioneering microplastic recycling to projects committed to embracing sustainable materials in clothing design, Bristol’s recycling industry has become a part of its fundamental identity. These companies go beyond just recycling; they aspire to redefine the way we think about and engage with waste management.

In this piece, we will explore several companies contributing to this revolution. Each one is bringing something unique to the table, all with the same underlying aim: to promote sustainable living and reduce environmental impact through innovative recycling practices and technologies.


Co-founded by Adam Root, Matter is a tech startup that pioneers technology solutions for capturing, harvesting, and recycling microplastics. This innovation company is amongst the few working towards addressing the serious issue of microplastic pollution that threatens our water bodies. You can follow their innovative journey on their LinkedIn page.

Bristol Wood Recycling Project (BWRP)

The Bristol Wood Recycling Project (BWRP), founded by Ben Moss, aims to save resources from going to waste. By providing affordable timber and resources to the local community, BWRP facilitates social inclusion and learning. You can connect with them via their Facebook page.

GRN Sportswear

Founded by dynamic duo Peter Lillie and Rob Webbon, GRN Sportswear is a sportswear manufacturer that translates waste into valuable resources. The company produces cycling, triathlon and athletic wear for teams and individuals made from waste materials, including plastic bottles and fishing nets. Connect with them through their Facebook page.

Bristol Waste

Bristol Waste focuses on recycling, renewable energy, and waste management to create a vibrant and sustainable city for all Bristol residents. Follow their impressive efforts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Prestige Cleaning & Maintenance

Founded by Richard Kay, Prestige Cleaning & Maintenance offer a variety of cleaning services. They also provide recycling, confidential waste disposal, industrial cleaning. Their services extend to all parts of the retail industry, with a focus on reducing waste you can follow their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

RWM Exhibition

RWM Exhibition is a reputed name in the recycling, sustainability, and waste management sector. To learn more about their various initiatives and events, feel free to follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Bateman Skips

Bateman Skips are the hidden heroes in the commercial, recycling, and waste management sector. For more insights and updates, you can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Written by Mark Smith

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