Brno-Based Innovators Leading the Future of Energy Management Solutions

Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic and the hub of South Moravian Region, is not only famous for its trade fairs and conventions, but also increasingly gaining recognition for its role in the Energy Management industry. Residing in the heart of Europe, this city is a strategic location for international businesses and startups. A significant number of inventive technology companies focusing on energy management have made this region their home base, thriving in the city’s inclusive and vibrant business ecosystem. In this article series, we focus on some of Brno’s cutting-edge energy management companies creating solutions that are transforming the industry’s landscape.

The industry’s shift to sustainable and renewable energy sources, coupled with the increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions, has marked an urgent need for innovative energy management systems. The companies located in Brno have shown remarkable agility in adapting to these changes, integrating technological advancements with energy management to create robust solutions. Not only do these companies aim to meet the worldwide demand for energy conservation, but also contribute to the local economy, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of Brno as a competitive and desirable location for businesses.

From software-based solutions to full-scale project management, these companies offer a wide range of services that cater to diverse needs. Let us dive into an exploration of these influential players making a difference in the Energy Management industry right from Brno, Jihomoravsky kraj in the Czech Republic.


Begin with Energram, a company founded by Michal Vrana and Valeria Maksimovich, introducing a revolutionary energy-saving platform. Their innovative mobile app, with predictive analytics, helps lower electricity bills and earn money through efficient trading of electricity. For more information about Energram, you can follow them on LinkedIn.


PKV operates in the field of Energy Management and Project Management, offering comprehensive energy solutions. For updates, visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Amper Savings

Amper Savings offers services including project preparation, individual approach, orientation to long-term sustainability, modern and proven technology, and sophisticated SW tools in energy management and storage. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


With a focus on Energy Management and Customer Service, REGO offers solutions tailored to the energy sector’s needs. You can follow REGO on LinkedIn.


Specializing in Solar Energy Management, AEKO has developed energy solutions with a renewable focus. Stay tuned with AEKO’s updates.


As a consulting firm in the Energy Management sector, Energo-Dialog advises on efficient energy utilization. Visit their Facebook page for insights and updates.


Concluding with NIKO, a company offering energy management solutions with a keen eye on supply chain management, ensuring efficient and optimized energy utilization for businesses. Keep up with NIKO’s progress through their website.

With these and many more companies laying the groundwork for the future of energy management, Brno continues to establish itself as a potent hub of innovation and business in the Energy Management domain. Each company brings unique approaches and solutions, reflecting the city’s vibrant and growing tech scene.

Written by Mark Smith

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