Charlottesville’s Pioneering Solar Tech Companies: Revolutionizing Virginia’s Energy Future


Located in the historic city of Charlottesville, Virginia, a number of pioneering companies are breaking technological boundaries and unleashing the full potency of solar energy. These trailblazers of renewable energy hail from diverse industries, ranging from Energy, Environmental Engineering, Business Development to Publishing. But all share a common feat; they are shaping the face of solar power with unparalleled innovation and unyielding commitment.

Each is integral in the robust web of renewable energy and environmental engineering, proactively impacting their industry, solving contemporary challenges, and navigating the clean energy landscape to a brighter, more sustainable future. This article spotlights these agents of change, few of the many who are pioneering the solar industry in Charlottesville, VA.

Founded by remarkable visionaries, these companies have created viable solutions to energy inefficiency and environmental pollution, contributing immensely to the sustainable world of tomorrow. Let’s explore their achievements and learn more about them.

Apex Clean Energy

Founded by Sandy Reisky, Apex Clean Energy is a leading independent renewable energy company. Since its inception in 2009, Apex has demonstrated rapid growth in the industry, successfully developing and constructing a 300 MW Canadian Hills Wind project in 2012. The company’s portfolio includes various wind energy facilities under development and significant solar PV assets. The powerhouse team behind Apex houses industry experts with prior experience in developing, financing, constructing, and operating multi-billion dollar wind and solar energy facilities in the United States. Connect with Apex on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Sigora Solar

Andy Bindea’s Sigora Solar is a comprehensive hub for all solar-related services like solar installation, roof replacement, energy storage, ev charging, home energy automation, electrical services, and energy efficiency. By establishing a well-rounded portfolio of services, Sigora Solar has promoted practical utilization of solar power. Join the solar movement with Sigora on their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.


As an online platform and newswire, Newswise, initiated by Roger Johnson, is committed to providing cutting-edge news and insights spanning technology, food, health, agriculture, biotechnology, and more. Prioritized for journalists, Newswise’s content is free for all users to read and access. The news platform creates an invaluable conduit between research and the broader online community. Follow Newswise on their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.

Sun Tribe Solar

Under Devin Welch’s leadership, Sun Tribe Solar is harnessing the sun’s power to drive clean energy adoption. Stay updated on their progress via their Twitter and Linkedin pages.

Encell Technologies

Spearheaded by Rob Guyton, Encell Technologies continues to make strides in the clean energy arena. Stay connected with Encell Technologies on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Tiger Solar

Tiger Solar is a leading provider of residential and commercial clean energy systems. From the conception to completion, Tiger Solar accompanies its customers to choose the right clean energy solutions based on their distinct needs. Connect with Tiger Solar on Facebook and Linkedin.


Written by Mark Smith

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