Copenhagen’s Innovators Leveraging Machine Learning for Ground-breaking Solutions

The vibrant city of Copenhagen, nestled in Denmark’s region of Hovedstaden, is a hub for innovative companies leading the way in the machine learning industry. These companies are utilizing the power of machine learning to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, from translation services, to health care, to waste management. This article spotlights some of these businesses, detailing their work, their goals, and how they are leveraging machine learning to drive their industries forward.

Boasting a diverse range of applications, machine learning technology is leading the charge for advancements within numerous industries. Copenhagen’s flourishing tech scene is the home of various companies making significant strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), software development, and machine learning. The companies highlighted in this piece represent a few of the innovative organizations at the forefront of this tech-driven revolution.

In this rapidly evolving industry, these companies demonstrate the breadth of machine learning’s potential. From revolutionizing complex business analytics to providing critical healthcare solutions, businesses are leveraging their expertise to push the boundaries of what is possible with this groundbreaking technology. Let’s dive into their stories.


EasyTranslate, co-founded by Frederik R. Pedersen and Peter Ladegaard, operates within a multitude of industries, including artificial intelligence, information technology, and machine learning. Their platform harnesses AI to deliver smarter, more efficient translation and content experiences. Through quality localization and instant access to customer insights, EasyTranslate is dedicated to help clients succeed in any language and market. For details, explore their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages.


Dreamdata is changing the face of B2B revenue attribution. Founded by Lars Grønnegaard, Ole Dallerup and Steffen Hedebrandt, the company utilizes machine learning techniques to provide B2B companies with holistic reflections of their customer journey, transforming complex data into actionable analysis. Dreamdata stands as an innovative solution for businesses seeking to be truly data-driven. Visit their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages for more.


Corti, an artificial intelligence company co-founded by Andreas Cleve Lohmann, Lars Maaløe, and Michael Boesen, aides emergency medical dispatchers in making life-saving decisions. They are dedicated to provide valuable, intelligent assistance during critical moments in healthcare delivery. For more information, check out their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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