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Design Your Data

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Data is becoming increasingly important in developing the right marketing strategies. But it is precisely this data and its increasing availability and applications that are seen as the biggest challenge for the future.

As a marketer, you spend a lot of time surrounded by loads of data. To turn all the data into useful input for your sales, you have to link it together.

Linking data: why would you?

Linking data is used to bring together information from different sources to create a new and richer dataset. This means you have to identify and combine information from corresponding records of the different datasets.

Cloud marketing aims to reach the target audience, usually through social media and other portals that allow companies to present themselves to potential customers. As with any other form of marketing, you often see innovations with new ways of accessing the market and the customer more efficiently.

Benefits of creating attribute groups

Attribute groups define sets of attributes that provide additional information about products. Attributes represent a single piece of information. For example, a contact record can include an email address as an attribute. An attribute group is then used to group a set of attributes that share a common purpose.
A benefit of converting data to attribute groups is that it gives more visibility when users fill in certain values. Attribute groups allow you to organize a lot of different data and configure relationships.

Activation Studio

The Data Designer tool in Contact Builder defines, organizes, and relates information to contacts within your account. Data Designer is a powerful tool that links data together by using relationships between the data sets and enables you to manage how data extensions store information. Contact builder allows you to view the information stored and displays any lists or data extensions available to an account. Attribute groups help you collect several data extensions into a single entity for use in organizing and interacting with contact information.

Activation Studio uses Data Designer in Marketing Cloud to visualize the attribute groups when creating segment or scoring rules. This way users can use the same relationships when filtering within a journey and designing a segment

Written by Marcus Richards

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