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Digital Tactics For Enhancing Workplace Efficiency

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There’s no denying that technology, in all its modern forms, has brought untold benefits to companies in every industry. But what are the best of the best digital solutions for today’s commercial entities? The obvious answer is computers, but that’s too broad of a category. Instead, owners and managers can gain insight by drilling down and exploring some of the specific techniques used in a variety of business segments and industries.

Commercial truck fleets turn to GPS-based systems to track shipments, measure route efficiency, and more. In addition, outsourced IT tasks are a quick answer for businesses looking for an all-in-one digital package that relieves in-house workers of those complex duties. Another tech-based way to work more efficiently is to use computerized software to track projects that have been delegated. If you want to up your organization’s efficiency in any area, consider the following digital hacks for achieving a more streamlined workflow.

GPS for Commercial Truck Fleets

Fleet managers use a global positioning system to boost long-term savings and enhance the overall safety of drivers. One of the many reasons owners opt to employ GPS technology is that it delivers multiple benefits at a reasonable cost. On a daily basis, busy fleet supervisors juggle dozens of duties, but GPS saves them time by not only tracking every shipment and vehicle in real-time but also offering insights into routing efficiency, on-time delivery rates, and more. In addition to telematics and dashcams, the transport industry relies on GPS and several other tech-based solutions to move cargo from Point A to Point B in the fastest, safest way possible. When supervisors know when to use the right technology for each task, they can gain high levels of productivity for their teams.

Outsourced IT Security

Many entrepreneurs choose to outsource the main body of their organization’s IT chores. In a way, hiring a third-party to do these complex jobs is the ultimate digital solution. Not only does the move free up your own workers for other duties, but it relieves everyone in the company of the burdens related to responsibilities like data security, file storage, and the prevention of hacking. Especially once you identify high value customers you will want to be as sure as possible that all their sensitive data and information is kept safe within your business.

Meetings, Flextime, and Telecommuting

Video software products have come a long way in the past two years, particularly after the 2020 pandemic when millions of workers came to rely on the breakthrough technology to do their jobs. One unexpected result has been a move to more frequent but shorter staff meetings. Previously, in-person meetings were hard to schedule because attendees had to physically gather in the same room. With video chatting software, there’s no need for time-consuming confabs when multiple, much shorter online discussions can serve the purpose just as well.

Five-minute meetings are now a common event in most corporations. The COVID situation had many unintended consequences, and some of them were positive. One was the move toward more flextime scheduling and telecommuting in companies of all sizes and industries. However, there’s a new demand for secure computer software for home-based workers who often deal with sensitive and proprietary data. Even so, telecommuting has become a much more impactful solution than anyone ever imagined.

Written by Marcus Richards

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