Domino’s Jetpack Delivery: A Spectacle of Innovation

Key Takeaways:

– Domino’s recently conducted a pizza delivery trial using jetpacks at the Glastonbury music festival in England.
– The delivery was a spectacle and received positive feedback from attendees.
– Jetpack delivery may not be feasible on a larger scale due to cost and limited capacity.

The Rise of Domino’s Delivery

Domino’s has been at the forefront of innovative delivery methods in the food industry. From their iconic pizza delivery cars to their use of drones and robots, the company has consistently sought to improve and streamline their delivery process. The goal is to provide customers with faster and more convenient service.

The Glastonbury Jetpack Delivery Trial

The Glastonbury music festival provided Domino’s with the perfect opportunity to test out a new delivery method. Unable to serve slices inside the festival, the company decided to partner with jetpack firm Gravity Industries to conduct a rapid delivery trial. The idea was to deliver pizzas to hungry campers using jetpacks, creating a memorable and unique experience.

The Spectacle and Feedback

The jetpack delivery at Glastonbury was a spectacle that caught the attention of festival-goers. The sight of a pizza being delivered by a person flying through the air on a jetpack was both exciting and unexpected. Attendees were impressed by the innovation and creativity displayed by Domino’s. Many expressed their excitement about the possibility of receiving a pizza delivery via jetpack in the future.

The Feasibility of Jetpack Delivery

While the jetpack delivery trial was a success in terms of generating buzz and excitement, there are practical considerations that make it challenging for Domino’s to adopt this delivery method on a larger scale. The cost of jetpacks is high, and their limited capacity means that only a small number of deliveries can be made at a time. Additionally, safety regulations and logistical challenges may pose further obstacles to widespread implementation.

Alternative Delivery Methods

Despite the limitations of jetpack delivery, Domino’s continues to explore alternative methods to improve their delivery service. Drones have been a popular choice, with the company conducting trials in various locations around the world. The use of autonomous vehicles and robots is also being explored, with the aim of reducing delivery times and increasing efficiency.

The Future of Domino’s Delivery

While the jetpack delivery trial may not be the future of Domino’s delivery, it is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. Domino’s will continue to explore new technologies and methods to improve their delivery service. Whether it’s drones, robots, or something entirely unexpected, Domino’s will always strive to provide customers with the best and most convenient delivery experience possible.


The jetpack delivery trial at the Glastonbury music festival was a unique and exciting event that showcased Domino’s commitment to innovation. While jetpack delivery may not be feasible on a larger scale, it generated buzz and excitement among attendees. Domino’s will continue to explore alternative delivery methods to improve their service and provide customers with the best possible experience. Whether it’s drones, robots, or something else entirely, the future of Domino’s delivery is sure to be filled with exciting possibilities.

Written by Martin Cole

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