Driving Environmental Solutions: Innovating Companies based in New Orleans

Today in our Futurology series, we’re zooming into the Environmental Engineering industry residing in the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. A city known for its vibrant music, decadent food, and unique culture, it’s also home to a flourishing green sector, housing various companies ranging from waste management firms to environmental consulting agencies. Below, we feature businesses that are actively participating in developing sustainable solutions for some of the world’s most challenging environmental issues.

At the forefront of this environmental revolution are enterprises such as United States Environmental Services, Food Tank, Weir Environmental, Torre Design Consortium, MSMM Engineering, and Landscape Images. These companies are hard at work creating innovative solutions across diverse sectors, despite the complex challenges posed by climate change, pollution, and degrading ecosystems. Let’s delve deeper into their unique contributions and explore their industry influence, leaving no stone unturned.

All these organizations make their distinct mark in the Environmental Engineering sector. While some are focused on policy-making and offer thought leadership, others specialize in actual engineering solutions, providing water and sewage treatment designs or on-ground, physical restoration of coastlines. Despite their diversity, they all share a common purpose – to ensure a sustainable future. Read along as we throw light on each of these global changemakers.

United States Environmental Services

United States Environmental Services (USES) is a one-stop solution for all industrial, environmental, and maritime services in the Gulf South region. Founded by Barry Thibodeaux, USES primarily deals with energy, environmental engineering, industrial, information technology, and waste management sectors. They offer a broad range of services, from routine plant maintenance to emergency oil spill response. Find more about them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Food Tank

Co-founded by Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank is a think tank that focuses on sustainable solutions for food-related environmental and social issues. Working closely with farmers, policymakers, researchers, and journalists, they strive for changes in global food policy to reduce hunger, obesity, and poverty. You can join their cause and keep up with their latest updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Weir Environmental

Weir Environmental, based in New Orleans, offers a full suite of industrial hygiene and environmental consulting services to a diverse clientele. Their concern and responsibility for their clients’ safety and interests are key to their success. Stay in touch on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Torre Design Consortium

A brainchild of L. Azeo Torre, Torre Design Consortium offers a comprehensive range of design services. In addition to their landscape architecture, they also specialize in environmental, interpretive planning, urban, and interior design. Stay updated with their progress through their LinkedIn and Twitter.

MSMM Engineering

MSMM Engineering, stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a reputed name in civil engineering, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, water treatment and transport design. They strive for excellence in providing services that cover a vast range from coastal restoration design to GIS mapping, risk management, and program management. Get connected with them through their LinkedIn.

Landscape Images

An expert in outdoor beauty, Landscape Images, based in New Orleans, offers a range of landscaping services. Their works include designing landscapes, horticulture, arboriculture, lighting, and maintenance. Connect with Landscape Images through their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

In conclusion, it’s clear that New Orleans isn’t just about distinctive music or their world-renowned Mardi Gras celebrations. The city is also a major player in the Environmental Engineering industry, with its contributions leaving a significant impact on the world. Whether it’s combatting food industry issues or environmental crises, the Big Easy has it covered.

Written by Mark Smith

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