Edinburgh’s Pioneering Energy Management Companies Transforming the Futurology Landscape

The energy sector is filled with industries heavily invested in creating a sustainable future. This thriving scene of companies are hard at work to make the city of Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom, a global centre for energy management and sustainable energy generation. Across a spectrum of industries – renewable energy, energy management, and even oil and gas – these companies are transforming the way we generate, manage and consume power.

In this series of articles brought to you by Futurology, we delve into a thorough exploration of companies in the Energy Management industry whose headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom. The companies listed below, although different in their industries, are all united in a common pursuit: the quest for next generation energy solutions.

Nova Innovation

Nova Innovation Logo
Twitter: @NovaInnovation
LinkedIn: Nova Innovation Ltd
Founded by Gary Connor and Simon Forrest, Nova Innovation is an energy company that designs, builds, operates tidal energy devices, and develops sites for arrays of tidal turbines. The company is passionate about having a cleaner environment and reducing the need for fossil fuels, for current and future generations. And it is committed to engage with and source from local supply chains: we believe that the resources and expertise of coastal communities, will make a major contribution to the success of tidal power.

Capricorn Energy

Capricorn Energy Logo
Twitter: @cairnenergy
LinkedIn: Cairn Energy
Capricorn Energy, is an oil and gas exploration and development company that has discovered and developed oil and gas reserves in a variety of locations around the world.

Aquamarine Power

Aquamarine Power Logo
Twitter: @aquamarinepower
Facebook: Aquamarine Power
LinkedIn: Aquamarine Power
Founded by Allan Thomson, Aquamarine Power is a wave energy company developing its flagship technology, an innovative hydro-electric wave energy converter, known as Oyster. Aquamarine Power’s goal is to develop commercial Oyster wave farms around the world.

MTEM Limited

In 2001 Anton Ziolkowski, Bruce Hobbs and David Wright of the University of Edinburgh invented a new electromagnetic method to detect sub-sea and underground hydrocarbons. In 2003 they founded MTEM Ltd. to develop the technology and provide land and marine surveys to oil companies. MTEM Ltd. developed and built systems to perform land and marine transient electromagnetic surveys that can identify hydrocarbons before drilling, thus reducing the risk of drilling “dry” wells and saving millions of dollars per well.


Ongen Logo
Twitter: @ongenltd
Facebook: OnGen Expert
LinkedIn: OnGen Ltd

Lateral Group

Lateral Group Logo
Twitter: @LateralTec
LinkedIn: Lateral Technologies

Gupta Smart Energy

Gupta Smart Energy Logo
LinkedIn: Gupta Smart Energy
Gupta Smart Energy involves power quality, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, alternative water turbine technology, industrial, and hazardous LED lighting, distributed energy solutions, power purchase agreements, energy savings performance contracts or asset finance.

Written by Mark Smith

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