Edmonton’s Innovative 3D Printing Enterprises Shaping Canada’s Technological Future

In this modern age where technology is rapidly transforming the world around us, 3D printing has emerged as a revolutionizing milestone in various industries. Notably, this bleeding-edge technology has been a game-changer in the manufacturing sector, paving the way for enhanced productivity, cost optimization, and the capacity to bring innovative designs into reality. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is home to several remarkable companies that are making significant strides in the 3D printing industry.

Let’s explore some of the companies operating in the 3D printing industry whose headquarters are located in this vibrant city. These companies are making significant impacts in various related fields such as industrial automation, industrial engineering, manufacturing, marketing, project management, and professional services.

With their unique offerings, innovative approach, and relentless focus on quality and customer satisfaction, these companies are redefining the contours of the 3D printing industry. Here’s an introduction to these shining stars from Edmonton.

Micralyne Inc.

Being one of the most prominent MEMS manufacturers, Micralyne Inc. is making a significant contribution to the 3D printing industry. Based in Edmonton, the company has a strong reputation for MEMS micromachining and boasts of unrivaled expertise in both surface and bulk micromachining. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow them on @IncMicralyne for more information.

Aircom Instrumentation

Aircom Instrumentation is another force to reckon within the 3D printing and industrial automation and industrial engineering space. Based in Edmonton, the company is recognized for its consistent emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow them on @aircominst for the latest updates.

Machina Corp

Moving on, the Edmonton-based Machina Corp is worth noting in the 3D printing and manufacturing industry. They have an impressive track record of delivering remarkable results. Explore their Facebook page for more information.

3D Print Western

A part of Thermo King Western, 3D Print Western stands as a testament to a commitment towards lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. Known for their problem-solving team, they excel at prototyping using 3D printing before going into production. Visit their Facebook page or follow them on @3dprintwestern for more details.

Keystone 3D

Keystone 3D stands unique with their comprehensive services ranging from 3D modelling and drafting to 2D and 3D machining. Whether it’s about turning a new idea into reality or improving an existing project, Keystone 3D effortlessly takes on the challenge. The company also ensures the protection of ideas and concepts.


ZiprPrint, another Edmonton-based company, extends their services in the 3D Printing and Professional Services industry. They are also involved in the printing sector, delivering excellence with every endeavor. Follow them on @ziprprint for recent updates.

Written by Mark Smith

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