Electric Vehicle Innovators: Spotlight on Calgary’s Pioneering Enterprises

Canada is accelerating towards a zero-emissions future, with Calgary, Alberta at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. Home to a flourishing ecosystem of cutting-edge enterprises, Calgary fosters innovation and progress in the global electric vehicle industry. From manufacturers to software developers to energy solution providers, companies in this dynamic northern city are paving the transformative path towards sustainable mobility. Let’s profile some of the lead players from Calgary that are currently leaving trailblazing electrified tire prints in the world of e-mobility.

ExRo Technologies

Founded by Jonathan Ritchey, ExRo Technologies serves as a CleanTech solution architect in the fields of electric vehicles and manufacturing. As pioneers of intelligent control solutions for power electronics, ExRo garners acclaim for its patented advanced control technology that enhances the capabilities of electric motors, generators, and batteries. You can follow ExRo on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

GoElectric Vehicle Corporation

GoElectric Vehicle Corporation, led by David Lloyd, engages in the Autonomous Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Transportation industry. Further details about the company and its game-changing innovations can be discovered on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Virtuoso Energy

Co-founded by Gursh Bal and Kai Fahrion, Virtuoso Energy dedicates its efforts towards creating a sustainable Canada. The company is revered for installing solar panels and green energy solutions to its clientele across Calgary and Edmonton. Virtuoso Energy is actively present on various social media platforms, namely Facebook and LinkedIn.


Rosario Fortugno’s brainchild, InOrbis, is making strides in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicle software, and more. The company’s mission is to bridge the gaps in productivity and sustainability by providing an all-electric, luxury, point-to-point transportation service in Canada and North America. Stay updated with InOrbis news on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Extreme Telematics

Operating in the domains of Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicle, Electronics, and Manufacturing, Extreme Telematics is another reputed Calgary-based company. Access their LinkedIn for further details.

Audi Canada

Audi Canada stands tall as a leading multinational in the automotive, electric vehicle, and manufacturing industry. Based in Calgary, it’s taking large strides in electrifying its vast vehicle portfolio. For latest updates, tune into Audi Canada’s Twitter and Facebook channels.

Unico Power

Co-founded by Glen Gordon and Martin Berka, Unico Power is an energy and charge management company. Their smart, real-time solutions ensure predictable and inexpensive electric vehicle charging. Keep up to date with Unico Power’s latest news on their LinkedIn.

Each of these companies are making formidable strides in accelerating e-mobility, actively contributing to Calgary’s reputation as an epicenter for electric vehicle innovation. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight more phenomenal enterprises in our series.

Written by Mark Smith

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