Emerging Houston-Based Semiconductor Innovators Shaping Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape

It is undeniable that the semiconductor industry is key to modern life improvements. It supports advances in communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, and transportation. Houston, Texas has emerged as one of the tech industry’s most vital nodes, thanks to several companies operating in this sector. This article aims to highlight these companies and their contribution to the industry.

With a tech-savvy population, supportive infrastructure and climate, and strategically positioned in one of the world’s most important semiconductor ecosystems, Houston is an appealing location for semiconductor pioneers. Whether it’s startups with innovative ideas or established companies with a proven track record, multiple semiconductor firms call this vibrant city home.

Here we present a series of these companies, providing some context about who they are, their founders, what they do, and how they are part of Houston’s impressive contribution to the semiconductor industry.

Vyrian, Inc.

Founded by Bharat Jagani and Sath Sivasothy, Vyrian Inc. is a leader in algorithm-based semiconductor procurement and engineering. They help clients avoid production disruptions, tackle component shortages, and streamline supply chains. Vyrian boasts a comprehensive component distribution network spanning across multiple continents. The company mitigates risks in the supply chain with rigorous parts testing, certifications, and active membership in GIDEP.

Smith & Associates

Established by Leland Ackerley, Leland C. Ackerley, Robert Ackerley, and Robert G. Ackerley, Smith & Associates aid global electronics manufacturers with procuring parts on brief lead times, making opportunistic purchases, liquidating excess inventory, managing component acquisitions for service and warranty programs, and keeping abreast of the latest supply trends.


RNWBL is a renewable energy company that aims to build a more sustainable world. This corporation pioneers new economic opportunities while lowering the energy burden and deploying renewable resources effectively.

Innovator Energy

Innovator Energy excels at creating and executing revolutionary heat transfer, cooling, and heating technologies. The firm aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of UN by integrating renewable energy into their endeavors.

The Ground Up

The Ground Up has been behind many advances in the manufacturing, renewable energy, semiconductor, and wholesale industries. They’ve truly established themselves in Houston’s flourishing tech sector.


Green-Plastic-Solar is a green energy company commercializing scalable energy storage and flexible electronics technologies. The company collaborates with business and technology for testing and developing these technologies.

Emi Technology Group

Emi Technology Group is a key player in the semiconductor industry in Houston, with a focus on commercial electronics and manufacturing.

Material and Design Solutions

Material and Design Solutions is a unique company in the semiconductor industry and operates in the industrial, oil and gas sectors as well.

Young & New Century LLC

Young & New Century LLC is another Houston-based company engaged in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor businesses.

Algae Production Systems

Algae Production Systems is a company that operates within the energy, manufacturing, renewable energy, and semiconductor industries.

GB Connections

GB Connections offers consulting and technical support in the semiconductor industry, bringing additional diversity to Houston’s tech flavor.

Written by Mark Smith

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