Emerging Munich-Based Energy Companies Revolutionizing Germany’s Renewable Sector


Munich, Bayern, best known for its fabled Oktoberfest, is presently making headlines for another reason: fostering innovation within the energy sector. This buzzing metropolis situated in the heart of Germany is championing the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources by becoming a hotbed for startups operating in this increasingly consequential industry.

These enterprises, characterized by their innovative offerings and reinforced by solid foundations of skilled professionals, are breaking new ground, revolutionizing the way energy is generated, stored, traded, and managed. Whether it’s developments in battery technology, smart buildings, clean energy, or energy management systems, these Munich-based companies are leading the charge (quite literally) in the evolution of the energy sector.

Let’s explore these innovative energy companies that have made Munich, Bayern, their home base, putting the city on the global map as a powerhouse (pun intended) of renewable energy innovation.


Founded by Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz, Leopold von Bismarck, and Valentin Sawadski, tado° operates at the intersection of Clean Energy, Smart Building, and Smart Home technologies. Its signature offering is a heating app that adapts to users’ behavior in real time, considering factors like current weather and building characteristics to optimize energy usage. The Munich-based startup, founded in 2011, is a promising player in the Internet of Things-driven cleantech market. Follow tado° on Facebook and Linkedin.


Fuelled by the vision of founders Jens Hartmann, Kai Schlegel, and Marc Trieschmann, enmacc has become Europe’s fastest growing digital OTC energy trading platform. Providing speed, efficiency, and security, enmacc boasts of a diverse client portfolio, including energy suppliers, industrial companies, energy trading houses, and municipal utilities. Its trading screens, entender, enmarket, and engreen, cover an array of energy trading needs. Learn more about enmacc on their Facebook and Linkedin profiles.

Marvel Fusion

Marvel Fusion, founded by Georg Korn, Karl-Georg Schlesinger, Moritz von der Linden, and Pasha Shabalin, is developing fusion energy technology. Focused on clean, safe energy, Marvel Fusion’s contributions push the envelope in a way that enables consumers to access more reliable energy sources. Visit their Linkedin profile for more details.


VoltStorage, set into motion by founders Felix Kiefl, Jakob Bitner, and Michael Peither, develop solar energy storage systems utilizing Redox Flow technology. Their vision focuses on making renewable energy available around the clock. VoltStorage’s Facebook and Linkedin profiles can be found here and here.

GreenCom Networks AG

Founded by Christian Feisst, Frank Robert, Mathieu Pinson, Olivier Brie, GreenCom Networks AG integrates distributed assets like Solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles, and heat pumps using its Energy Information Brokerage Platform. Follow their activity on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Reverion is all about efficiency in the construction of power plants, doubling electricity production and enabling long-term energy storage. Check out their Linkedin page for updates.


Through its expansive network of supplier stations and logistic centres, klarx is revolutionizing construction equipment rental across Europe, facilitating the expansion of solar energy in Germany. Visit their Facebook and Linkedin pages to learn more.


Providing charging infrastructure, payment systems, and installation for electric vehicles, HeyCharge was founded by Chris Cardé and Robert Lasowski. Stay informed about their activity on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


phelas, under founders Christopher Knoch, Florian Kaufmann, Justin Scholz, Leon Haupt, offers a liquid air energy storage device for utilities, grid administrators, and renewable energy producers. Look into their Linkedin page for more insightful information.


fos4X, co-founded by Lars Hoffmann and Rolf Wojtech, provides innovative measurement technology and extensive know-how in the field of fiber optics. Stay connected with them on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Wegatech is a consulting, planning, and execution firm for renewable energy technology solutions, founded by Karl Dienst and Philipp Wullner. Stay updated about their progress on their Linkedin page.

These innovative companies, each with their unique offerings and visions, contribute significantly to Munich, Bayern becoming a complex mosaic of energy solutions for the future. Undoubtedly, these trailblazers are continually writing Munich’s story as an epicenter of progressive energy solutions.


Written by Mark Smith

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