Emerging Renewable Energy Innovators from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A Showcase


In the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, a new breed of forward-thinking companies are forging the path to a more sustainable future. These trailblazers in the renewable energy sector are not only fundamentally shifting how we consume and create energy, but also shaping the future of the planet. From solar to biogas, they are leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative business models to revolutionise the energy landscape. In this article, we spotlight several of these pioneering companies, offering an insight into their modus operandi, their founders and the transformative work they are doing.

Kuala Lumpur is not only Malaysia’s capital city but it’s a thriving hub for ground-breaking renewable energy companies. Located in the heart of Malaysia, these trailblazing organisations are contributing significantly to the global trend of seeking alternative, cleaner sources of energy. By harnessing various natural resources and using innovative technology, they are not only reducing carbon emissions but also creating sustainable businesses that are likely to thrive in the growing renewable energy market.

While each of these companies operates within the same overarching industry – renewable energy – they each have a unique focus and approach. Spanning from solar power to biogas, these businesses are revolutionising how renewable energy is harvested, stored and distributed. With a strong line-up of founders and a powerful drive to create a greener future, these companies are making noteworthy strides in the renewable energy sector. Let’s delve deeper into each of these businesses and further explore their operations.

Green Lagoon

Founded by Chan Sow Keong, Cheh Koon Chee, and Raymond Cheah, Green Lagoon operates within the energy and renewable energy sectors. Their service offering spans project development, implementation, maintenance and monitoring. Among their products are the anaerobic tank system and cloud monitoring reporting systems.

SOLS Energy

Helmed by Raj Ridvan Singh, SOLS Energy is a comprehensive solutions provider for solar energy systems. With a strong focus on designing, distributing, maintaining and installing high-quality solar energy systems, the company has also pioneered the first Solar Academy in Malaysia.

Progressture Solar

Cliff Siaw, Dr Lucas Teyo and Ng Yew Weng founded Progressture Solar, a Cleantech Energy Solutions provider. Specialising in solar PV energy, they provide full financing for the entire solar PV system in addition to offering turnkey solutions.

Powertek Berhad

Powertek Berhad operates within the energy and renewable energy industry.

Green & Smart Holdings

Green & Smart Holdings leverages biotechnology, pollution control and renewable energy to generate power from biogas. Their operations include research and development activities, as well as professional engineering consultancy and process design services.

Ecodwell Ventures

Founded by Nur-Ruhizan bin Dato’ Noh, Ecodwell Ventures specialises in global environmental sustainability. They provide strategic advice in the sustainability and green technology sectors, with a specific focus on renewable energy.

Nio Petroleum (Sabah)

Nio Petroleum (Sabah) provides oil and gas development and production services, contributing significantly within the energy sector.

Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd

Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd operates in the professional services and renewable energy industries.

Plus Xnergy

Founded by Chuan Zhen Ko, Plus Xnergy operates within energy, energy efficiency, energy management, energy storage, and the renewable energy sector.

MFI Group

MFI Group is a notable player within the automotive, finance, renewable energy and trading platform industries.

Kinetix Technologies

As a major player in the energy, renewable energy, solar and wind energy sectors, Kinetix Technologies specialises in providing renewable energy solutions. They supply small wind turbines and on-grid and off-grid solar power solutions.


Written by Mark Smith

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