Emerging Renewable Energy Innovators Making Strides in Colombo, Sri Lanka

In the heart of Sri Lanka, one vibrant city is leading the way in renewable energy. Located in the Western Province, Colombo is home to companies trailblazing the industry, producing sustainable solutions to cater to the world’s increasing energy needs. This article will introduce you to seven companies at the forefront of renewable energy, each based in Colombo and making significant inroads in addressing not just the country’s, but the globe’s energy demands.

These companies, with their innovative products and services, offer promising glimpses into the future of renewable energy. They are devising robust strategic initiatives and are making investments in renewable energy that prove the shift away from traditional fossil fuels isn’t only possible, but also profitable and sustainable in the long term. Their efforts are not only contributing to the energy grid locally, but also inspiring change globally.

From biomass energy to hydro, solar, and more, these companies are leveraging Sri Lanka’s abundant natural resources in unprecedented ways. Their efforts are contributing to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy landscape for Sri Lanka – paving the way for a promising renewable energy future for the country. Here are their inspiring stories:

Panasian Power

Established as a provider of clean, renewable energy, Panasian Power is dedicated to supplying the national energy grid with diverse renewable energy forms. The company’s portfolio includes solar farms, rooftop solar powered projects, and hydropower projects, among others. Check out more about the company on their Facebook page or their Linkedin profile.

Vidullanka PLC

Incorporated in 1997 and approved by the BOI, Vidullanka PLC has emerged as a significant player in the renewable energy sector. The company constructs and operates renewable energy projects using hydro, solar, and biomass sources, thereby substantially contributing to the National Grid. Stay in touch with the company on their Facebook page or their Linkedin profile.

Resus Energy PLC

Striving to optimally utilize Sri Lanka’s renewable energy resources is the investment and development company, Resus Energy. Through strategically placed renewable energy projects, the company seeks to generate environmentally sustainable electricity for the main grid while maintaining a clear balance between economic and environmental sustainability. Find more about them on their Linkedin profile.


Operating in the unique intersection of e-commerce, green consumer goods, internet, and renewable energy is Zureli. While their details are sparse, they cater to a growing demand for green and sustainable products. Connect with Zureli on their Facebook page or Linkedin profile.

Vallibel Power Erathna

Vallibel Power Erathna, another renowned renewable energy company, offers power solutions along with products, generators, and control equipment. Their manufacturing and supply chain is impressive and outlines their commitment to the renewable energy cause. Discover more about them on their Linkedin profile.

Founded by Harinda Katugaha in 2015, is a unique platform connecting businesses and individuals with property service providers. Through IDAMA, users can easily find and order services of lawyers, architects, plumbers, technicians, electricians, and much more. This innovative approach contributes to the broader CleanTech and renewable energy sectors by facilitating services that can help set up and maintain renewable energy systems.

With such a wealth of innovation and forward-thinking, there’s no doubt Colombo is abuzz with renewable energy activity. The future of renewable energy in Sri Lanka is not only promising but also bright, leading the way for other cities to follow in their eco-friendly footsteps. Hats off to these companies for their commitment to a sustainable future!

Written by Mark Smith

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