Essen’s Prominent Figures: Innovators in Germany’s Oil and Gas Sector

In the heart of Germany’s bustling Nordrhein-Westfalen region lies the city of Essen, an economic powerhouse offering an eclectic mix of old and new industry. While historically known for its steel production, today, Essen has become a thriving hub for technology and innovation in the Oil and Gas sector. Essen is home to cutting-edge corporations focusing on everything from renewable energy and clean technology to manufacturing and mechanical engineering. This series serves to highlight several standout companies that have established their headquarters in Essen, each contributing to advancements in the ever-evolving field of energy.

Essen isn’t just a city steeped in industrious spirit; it’s a metropolis remarkably adjusted to the requirements of modernity, allowing innovative energy companies to flourish in its soil. Each company in this extensive outline has pioneered extraordinary methods in dealing with the robust landscape of the Oil and Gas industry. Ranging from traditional and renewable power generation to advanced software and mechanical engineering, these corporations aren’t just leaders within Germany; they are significant entities on the global stage.

Though each company is diversified within the sector, a common thread is woven amongst them – they embody the quintessential nature of Essen’s vast entrepreneurship realm. Each company from the thriving cosmopolitan city contributes a unique blend of discovery, resilience, and fortitude. Here is a closer look at the companies headquartered in Essen that have become key players in the Oil and Gas industry.


A diversified industrial group, ThyssenKrupp’s operations include automotive component manufacturing, plant construction, elevator manufacturing, and much more. With a foundation in competitive solutions, ThyssenKrupp is a staple in the Essen technological landscape. For a closer look at their development and operations, market fans, employees and professionals can follow their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @thyssenkrupp twitter feeds.


Renowned for reliably supplying electricity for over a century, RWE is an Essen-based company specializing in clean, secure, and affordable electricity production. Stay in touch with RWE through Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow them on @rwe_ag Twitter.


With a core focus on innovative customer solutions and a diversified business of renewables, conventional and decentralized power generation, E.ON is firmly established in the energy industry. You can keep up with their recent developments on Facebook, LinkedIn, or @EON_SE_en Twitter.


Primarily involved in generating energy from renewable sources, Innogy specializes in offering innovative and sustainable energy products. They can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @innogy Twitter.

Open Grid Europe

Open Grid Europe is a leading Essen company that concentrates on undertaking various construction and energy projects. Follow them on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn, or their @OpenGridEurop Twitter account.

E.ON Connecting Energies

Offering tailored solutions in energy efficiency, on-site generation, virtual power plants, flexibility, and battery storage, E.ON Connecting Energies is a leader in integrated energy solutions. Stay informed with their latest projects by following their Facebook account.


ASDRO GmbH is a unique entity that combines geo-data for the surface and subsurface using efficient drone technology. Follow ASDRO on their LinkedIn page and Facebook account for the latest news and developments.

E.ON Ruhrgas AG

Engaged in the procurement and production of gas, E.ON Ruhrgas AG is an integral part of the Essen Oil and Gas scene. Keep in touch with their updates via their LinkedIn page.

STEAG Energy Services

Engaged in various energy services, STEAG Energy Services is a prominent member of Essen’s business fraternity. Their company updates can be followed on LinkedIn.

Stadtwerke Essen

Energizing the community since its establishment, Stadtwerke Essen is a mainstay in the Essen energy sector. Follow their updates on LinkedIn.

Wilhelm Maass

Specializing in the production of forged and machined stainless steel flanges, Wilhelm Maass is an important contributor to Essen’s industrial scene. Follow their updates on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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