Exploring Boulder’s Innovative Leaders in Energy Management Technology Advancements

The energy management industry has seen remarkable innovations in the past years, particularly from companies based in Boulder, Colorado. These businesses have cemented their position in this sector, focusing on everything from renewable energy and solar power to bespoke software solutions. This diverse range of interests and expertise has sparked major transformations in the way we view and manage energy. Let’s take a closer look at seven such companies revolutionizing the industry from the heart of Boulder.

One of the most compelling aspects of Boulder’s thriving energy management industry is its diversity. Firms based here not only range from startup to multi-national level but also span a broad spectrum of specialist disciplines. Together, these pioneering organizations are helping shape the future of power consumption through utility management, renewable energy innovations, cost-saving technologies and much more. Read on to discover some of Boulder’s top players in energy management.

Notably, the companies addressed below are not just powerhouses in terms of technological advancements, but they also demonstrate an admirable commitment to sustainable practices. With each achieving extraordinary breakthroughs and pushing the boundaries of their field, we explore their unique contribution to energy management and how they’re reshaping the landscape.


Co-founded by Matthew O’Kelley, Randy Willig, and Tim Enwall, Tendril offers highly customizable software designed for utilities to enhance consumer engagement. This results in a comprehensive and personalized home energy experience. Bolstering efficiency goals and improving customer service operations, Tendril’s platform caters to a multitude of utility-grade applications while being secure, open, and scalable in the cloud. You can visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, and @Tendril Twitter page.

Tynt Technologies

Established in 2020, Tynt Technologies develops smart windows that keep out glare while conserving energy. Providing ideal thermal comfort and saving on building energy consumption, Tynt’s solutions are at the forefront of innovative energy management. This Boulder-based brainchild of Ameen Saafir, John Dwyer, Michael McGehee, and Michael Strand can be followed on LinkedIn.

Cool Energy

Founded by Samuel P. Weaver, Cool Energy boasts the groundbreaking power conversion product, ThermoHeart® Engine. This device uses hot gas from industrial exhausts and other sources, turning thermal energy into electricity. Moreover, this engine proves to be a core part of renewable electricity production systems. Their LinkedIn, Facebook, and @coolenergyinc Twitter page provide more information.


Founded in 1996, juwi offers renewable energy generation facilities. With vast experience in power project development, they’ve set a strong foothold in the renewable energy sector. Come see their work on LinkedIn or follow @juwisolar on Twitter.

UHG Consulting

UHG Consulting stands strong in the Boulder energy management industry, with a firm commitment to sustainability and environmental consulting. To stay updated with their works you can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Energy Conservation Technologies

Energy Conservation Technologies, Inc., or ECT, was founded in 2004 by Fazle Quazi. ECT’s goal is to offer advanced and reliable electronic ballasts for HID lamps at reasonable prices. Manufacturing in Boulder, the company ensures the quality and durability of their products by performing a comprehensive quality check and burn-in before shipping.

Overall, these Boulder-based companies are making significant strides in the energy management industry. With their innovative solutions, advanced technologies, and sustainable practices, they are paving the way to a cleaner, more efficient energy future.

Written by Mark Smith

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