Exploring Gijón-Based Innovators Revolutionising Spain’s Evolving Energy Sector

In beautiful Gijón, Asturias, Spain, there is a hub of burgeoning companies making a mark in the industry of energy. From energy efficiency to information services, from public transportation to software, these companies are introducing innovative products and services that are advancing both the local and global energy industry. This article will dive into who these companies are and what they are accomplishing. Let’s explore the energetic frontiers of Gijón, Spain, and see how the bleeding technologies of today are shaping our powerful future.

ADN Mobile Solution

Founded by Abel Rionda, David Martínez Álvarez, and Fernando Aparicio Martinez, ADN Mobile Solution has set its sights on creating new products and services based on technologies, systems, and platforms. The company focuses on improving efficiency and security in the road transport industry and has developed the Bled system for efficient and safe driving in public transport fleets.

Gesinne GS

Gesinne GS design, manufacture, and sell electrical consumption optimization equipment through the intelligent stabilization of the electrical voltage, contributing to the energy management and electrical distribution industry.

Soty Solar

Introducing a new way to harness solar energy, Soty Solar is a marketplace for solar rooftops. Through Soty’s innovative platform, owners can use an auction mechanism to let qualified solar installers build photovoltaic solar panel systems on their rooftops.

Df Operations and Assembly

Providing services to energy, mining, oil and gas industries, Df Operations and Assembly is another essential player in the energy landscape of Gijón.

AZ Renovables

From design to manufacture, AZ Renovables creates engines and turbines for the use of renewable energy resources. Their unique home wind power generation system provides a robust, durable, and highly efficient energy generation and storage solution.


Specializing in electrical distribution and energy storage, Norwatt is a company catering to the growing storage needs of the energy industry.


Making inroads in the electronics and renewable energy industry, EProgram is another Gijón-based company making waves in the field of energy management.


In the burgeoning field of renewable energy and semiconductors, InProEner is a growing name shaping the energy future of not just Spain, but the entire planet.

Grupo Mya

An energy engineering firm specializing in consulting and implementation of energy efficiency systems, Grupo Mya is a company helping businesses reduce energy costs and supporting the use of renewable energy.

Fahemar Energy

Fahemar Energy is yet another budding name in the Gijón energy industry. The company is making a name for itself in the fields of energy, environmental engineering, and renewable energy.

Each of these companies is helping to shape the future of energy in Gijón and beyond. With an eye on efficient methods, renewable resources, and next-generation technology, their innovative work is propelling us towards a future where energy is sustainable, accessible, and reliable.

Written by Mark Smith

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