Exploring Grand Rapids’ Thriving Machine Learning Industry Innovators

Welcome to the next part of our series discovering the bleeding edge of technology in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This midwestern metropolitan hub hosts a booming technology scene, that is particularly fascinating when it comes to machine learning. As the rest of the world catches up, Grand Rapids is already in motion, driven by a diverse swarm of innovators. In this article, we focus on some of the contributes operating diligently in the machine learning industry, crafting new technological advancements that will shape tomorrow’s world. Here are the companies pushing the boundaries of possibility, using the power of machine learning to revolutionize industry and society alike.

In Grand Rapids, we find a convergence of fields enabled by machine learning, from artificial intelligence and cloud computing to risk management and data analytics. As Michigan’s second largest city, it is an emerging technology hub fueled by a dedicated talent pool and sprouting tech businesses. It’s clear that both new startups and established firms recognize the enormous potential of machine learning applications.

These companies, based in Grand Rapids, range from developers of autonomous AI platforms to providers of innovative cyber security solutions. Through fearless innovation, strategic risk-taking and deep industry knowledge, they are giving shape to the world of tomorrow, and robustly positioning Grand Rapids within the global machine learning landscape. Now, let’s put the spotlight on these pioneering companies have to offer.


Co-founded by David Stout, Ethan Baird, James Meeks, and Tyler Mauer, Iris Technology is advancing the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning with its decentralized AI development platform. Iris merges AI with blockchain and information technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in both fields. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sidekick Ai

Sidekick Ai combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize the way we schedule meetings. Founded by Chris Ake and Jon Butler, Sidekick Ai offers multiple scheduling processes, including forwarding, link sharing, and sidekick scheduling, all powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. Discover more about Sidekick Ai on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Initech Global

Grand Rapids-based Initech Global encompasses analytics, cloud computing, information services, and machine learning within its expansive portfolio. A specialist in these fields, Initech Global can be connected through Facebook or LinkedIn or even directly on their Twitter.

Urgent Tool and Machine

Urgent Tool and Machine brings machine learning to the world of industrial engineering. The company’s expertise also extends to mechanical engineering, machinery manufacturing, and productivity tools.

Active Inspection

Co-founded by Arun Dalmia, Active Inspection uses AI, IT, and machine learning to innovate in its industry sector. More information can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


OverPower.AI specializes in cybersecurity, network protection, and risk remediation enabled by machine learning. For more, visit their LinkedIn page or Twitter handle at @OverPowerAI.


Fourtifeye, co-founded by Andrea Wallace, leverages the power of AI and machine learning to aggregate data and provide predictive insights for artists’ social media performance, distribution strategy, and delivery platforms. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter via @fourtifeye.

Shirey Consulting Services

Shirey Consulting Services uses the power of machine learning to provide solutions in cloud computing and enterprise resource planning. More information about their services can be found on their website.

In conclusion, Grand Rapids is a vibrant tech hub with an impressive array of companies leveraging machine learning to solve complex problems. They are turning Michigan into an emerging tech powerhouse, positioning the city beautifully on the global tech map. Through relentless innovation, these companies are driving Grand Rapids towards a promising future.

Written by Mark Smith

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