Exploring Innovative Energy Solutions from Hoofddorp, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

The energy scene of Hoofddorp plays a significant role in global operations. Its strategic location in The Netherlands supports companies operating across various energy sectors. This article is a part of a series of articles aimed at the progressive energy industry in Hoofddorp, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. It intends to share light on some of the most notable companies, ranging from Energy, CleanTech, Information Technology to Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

These companies are the epicenter of Hoofddorp’s growth in the energy ecosystem. They weave technology with energy to conjure solutions for future demands. Let’s delve into the details of these revolutionary companies and their commendable contributions to the energy sector.

Hoofddorp, known for its immaculate infrastructure, has nurtured these organizations to harvest innovation and cultivate opportunities. Here are the details of some top-notch energy companies that call Hoofddorp home:

SHV Energy

Known globally as a distributor of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), SHV Energy is a Dutch-based company with international operations. They operate in the Energy, Information Technology, and Renewable Energy sectors.


Euroports commands an imposing presence in Europe with over 20 terminals. The company is recognized for its operations in diversified bulk commodities and is one of the top 10 European port operators. Their LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Atlas Professionals

Offering services in consulting, energy, and recruiting sectors, Atlas Professionals functions as an international agency for recruiting qualified candidates for energy and marine industries. You can connect with them on their official Facebook page here or LinkedIn page here.

Blackwood Technology

A pioneer in biomass torrefaction, Blackwood Technology is focussed on leveraging biomass for vast applications. Learn more about their initiatives on their LinkedIn page here.


With a rich legacy of nearly 20 years, Delta has established itself as a leader in the electronics, energy, IT, and renewable energy sectors. It’s committed to its corporate mission of providing innovative, clean, and efficient energy solutions.

Topell Energy

Founded by Maarten Herrebrugh, Topell Energy is a privately funded, clean technology company specializing in the production of high-value solid biofuel from woody biomass.

Workfox B.V.

Workfox B.V offers its services to accommodate and support units on behalf of owners at offshore energy exploration sites across the globe.

Utility Provider

Partnering with rental brokers, sales brokers, expat agencies, relocation agencies, and financial service providers, Utility Provider offers diverse services like energy, internet, TV, and calling. Connect with them on their official Facebook page here and LinkedIn page here.


Thyser operates in the Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Solar sectors of the industry. Connect with them on their official Facebook page here.


Yorus primarily operates in the Energy sector.

Written by Mark Smith

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