Exploring Lafayette’s Pioneering Innovators in Oil and Gas Technology

In the heart of Acadiana – Lafayette, Louisiana, a hotspot for Oil and Gas industries, a lucrative spectrum of companies are harnessing the depths of the Earth to fuel our world. Their operations range from exploration and production, transportation and logistics, safety services, to supporting fields like wastewater treatment, and legal compliance. These firms, despite diverse market segments, share a common headquarters, that is, Lafayette. In this article, we will delve into some of these companies that undoubtedly are the pillars of Lafayette’s energy sector.

Equipped with innovative technology, these companies stand at the forefront, optimally drilling not just oil and gas wells but the future of energy itself. Be it sharpening technologies to retrieve the resources more efficiently or attuning business processes to environmental standards, these companies are at the front seat, steering the wheels of the industry. From established firms with a history dating back to the 1950s to recently formed start-ups, Lafayette’s industry scene has it all.

You might be an aspiring professional or scholarly enthusiast seeking insights into these companies or a business aiming to tap into opportunities in Lafayette. Regardless of your background, we believe our profiles of these companies will provide you a comprehensive understanding, helping you audaciously stride in your ventures.

SLANT Energy

Founded by Stewart Stover, Sean Gill, and Thomas Saloom in 2016, SLANT Energy is focused on growing their portfolio of oil and gas assets through drilling and acquiring production. The Lafayette-based company maintains an active presence on social media platforms. You can find them on Linkedin.


Streamlining vessel charter workflows and providing rapid communication services during maritime emergencies, HubLink offers companies 24/7 fleet management. Find them on Linkedin and Facebook and give them a follow on their @usehublink Twitter handle for staying updated.


Fenstermaker, a multi-disciplinary company, commits itself to safety, quality and technology while offering an array of services such as Surveying, Engineering, and Environmental services. To find out more about the company, explore their LinkedIn page and Facebook account, and follow them on their @fenstermaker Twitter handle.

Secorp Industries

Secorp Industries is another laudable company hailing from the oil and gas and public safety sectors. For more information about the company, visit their LinkedIn) page.

Spartan Energy Services

Written by Mark Smith

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