Exploring London’s Front-Runner Companies in Quantum Computing Innovation

Quantum computing is rapidly becoming one of the most anticipated technologies of the future. With the potential to revolutionize industries from finance to healthcare, a new wave of startup companies have emerged specializing in this cutting-edge technology. London, England has been the birthplace of several of these pioneering organizations, each contributing to important advancements in quantum technology. This article will focus on a number of the most impactful ones.

For those unfamiliar with the term, quantum computing utilizes the principles of quantum mechanics to process information. Traditional computers use bits to carry out operations, while quantum computers use quantum bits or ‘qubits’. These qubits, due to their quantum properties, enable quantum computers to perform computations much more efficiently and rapidly than classical computers.

Quantum computing could have significant implications for many facets of society, for example in digital security, where quantum encryption could vastly improve the security of our data. Additionally, in the pharmaceutical industry, quantum computing could potentially expedite the process of drug discovery, as a result of its ability to more rapidly simulate and analyze molecular interactions. The companies highlighted in this article are making strides in a number of these areas.

ORCA Computing

Based in London, ORCA Computing is pushing the boundaries of quantum computing with their photonic quantum computer, based on quantum memories. Founded by Cristina Escoda, Ian Walmsley, Josh Nunn, and Richard Murray, ORCA’s technology enables storage and synchronization of quantum operations, thereby improving performance. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Quantum Motion

Another impressive London-based operation, Quantum Motion, is striving to build a universal quantum computer using CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) compatible processes in silicon. This company was founded by John Morton and Simon Benjamin. Find out what they’ve been up to on their LinkedIn or follow them on @quantum_motion on Twitter.


Post-Quantum was founded by Andersen Cheng, CJ Tjhai, and Martin Tomlinson with a mission to counter the emergent threat of quantum cryptanalysis. The company has since branched out to provide solutions for Identity and Access Management (IAM) and blockchain-enabled enterprise SaaS from their London headquarters. You can follow them on Twitter @post_quantum or connect on LinkedIn.


London-based Phasecraft aims to expedite the practical application of quantum computing. Founded by Ashley Montanaro, John Morton, Simone Severini, and Toby Cubitt, Phasecraft believes in a future where breakthrough scientific discoveries are commonplace, thus, enabling businesses to tackle pressing global challenges more quickly.


GTN uses its unique patented technology, Generative Tensorial Networks, to search the enormous space of medicinal compounds. The goal is to halve the current $2.9bn development cost associated with bringing a new drug to the market. The company, based in London, was founded by Noor Shaker and Vid Stojevic. You can follow their progress on their LinkedIn page here or on Twitter @GTN_Ltd.

Zero Point Motion

Although there’s limited information currently available for Zero Point Motion, this London-based company is focused on quantum computing applications in GPS and navigation. We’re excited to see how they leverage quantum technology to innovate in this space.


Datagentibus is out to enable the industrial revolution within the data-driven world from their base in London. They aspire to improve operational and sustainability KPIs by introducing integrated software and hardware. They’re advancing computation, data mining, and visualization to help businesses make the best possible decisions. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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