Exploring Milano’s Pioneering Renewable Energy Innovations in Futurology

The thriving city of Milano in the region of Lombardia, Italy is home to a myriad of innovative companies making strides in the field of Renewable Energy. Driven by a global push towards sustainable solutions and a forward-looking perspective imbued in their culture, these Italian enterprises continue to innovate and pioneer advancements in various sectors like CleanTech, Energy Efficiency, Smart Home applications, Solar Energy, and more. Their headquarters may be nestled in the heart of Italy, but their reach and influence extend far beyond their geolocation. Let’s take a closer look at some of the companies making waves in the renewable energy landscape right from the epicenter of Italian cultural, financial, and industrial activities.

These corporations present in Milano are not just ordinary companies; they are torchbearers of a new age of energy that is cleaner, sustainable, and in harmony with the environment. They also represent a broad spectrum of sub-sectors within the renewable energy industry, symbolizing a comprehensive approach towards sustainable energy development. From harnessing the power of the sun, to using blockchain for energy efficiency; and from producing eco-friendly railway sleepers, to manufacturing flexible plastic foils that convert light into electricity, innovation is at the core of these firms.

Bound by the common thread of sustainability and cleaner energy, these companies have unique stories to tell, novel business models to share, and groundbreaking technologies to showcase. By doing so, they portray Milano, and in a larger context Italy, as diverse hubs for renewable energy solutions. Here is an overview of these dynamic entities and what they bring to the table in the realm of renewable energy:


Founded by Fulvio Mariani in 2020, Sunprime merges multifaceted expertise from engineering to construction of industrial plants. The company develops a pipeline of photovoltaic projects across Italy, following a business model that requires no investment from their customers. Facebook | Linkedin

Phononic Vibes

With its patented technology for noise and vibration control, Phononic Vibes uses advanced metas material techniques for achieving remarkable noise and vibration isolation. Launched by a team from Politecnico di Milano and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the company offers superior performances at competitive prices. Facebook | Linkedin


At the intersection of green energy and digital technologies, PROSUME leverages emerging technologies to optimize energy consumption and network matching. The company’s toolkit consists of smart metering, local energy production, and monitoring systems that provide real-time insights into energy consumption and production. Linkedin | Twitter

Building Energy

As its name suggests, Building Energy is a renewable energy producer based in Italy that works in the domain of maintenance and sustainable energy production.


With a unique take on renewable energy and resource conservation, Greenrail designs and patents an innovative railway sleeper that combines the strength of reinforced concrete with the ecological merits of recycled plastic and rubber from End-of-Life Tyres. Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter


Within the renewable energy landscape, Sirti provides services that extend to the telecommunications, energy, and transportation industries. Linkedin

Be Power

As another company headquartered in Milano, Lombardia, Be Power operates in the realm of electronics, energy, and semiconductors to foster renewable energy development. Linkedin

Ribes Tech

Launched by Antonio Iacchetti and Michele Garbugli in 2016, Ribes Tech specializes in manufacturing flexible plastic foils that convert light into electricity. Their technology leverages flexible photovoltaics and printed electronics. Facebook | Linkedin

EMIT Group

Another Milano- based company, EMIT Group, offers diverse solutions within the construction and procurement sectors related to renewable energy.

Renvico Renewable Energy

With a strong presence in both Italy and France, Renvico Renewable Energy operates in the renewable energy field, specifically in wind farm management. The company offers a wealth of experience in developing, funding, building, and managing renewable energy power plants. Linkedin

Infinity Electric Energy

Infinity Electric Energy, founded by Ludovico Bonfiglio, is vested in harnessing solar and wind energy and fostering the age of sustainable mobility. Linkedin

Written by Mark Smith

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