Exploring Oxford’s Emerging Innovators: A Spotlight on UK Solar Enterprises

Oxford, UK is home to a thriving and innovative solar industry scene. Companies rooted within this historical city are leading the way with cutting-edge technology that not only offers sustainable energy solutions, but also new approaches to business, consumer electronics, environmental engineering, and more. In this article, we will highlight some of these trailblazers and the invaluable contributions they are making to the solar and clean energy landscape.

Having shown formidable growth over the years, Oxford’s booming solar power industry is a testament to the monumental strides being made in solar technology around the world. The companies profiled in this article are all instrumental in the business of harnessing and providing solar energy, thereby positioning Oxford as a pivotal player in this perspective.

Furthermore, these Oxford-based pioneers are not only influencing the industry within the United Kingdom, but are also making a global impact. With a gaze keenly fixed on the future, these companies are adopting innovative business models, investing in groundbreaking technology, and nurturing top-tier talent to ensure the development and propagation of sustainable energy alternatives.

Oxford PV

Oxford PV was established by the duo, Henry Snaith and Kevin Arthur in 2010 with the aim of developing and commercializing thin-film perovskite solar cells. These solar cells are designed to be printed directly onto silicon solar cells, CIGS solar cells, or glass. This innovative process is an integral part of Oxford PV’s mission. The company has established its headquarters in Oxford and operates within the Energy, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, and Solar industries. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Operating within industries like B2B, CleanTech, Geospatial, Smart Cities, Software, Solar, PowerMarket was co-founded by Abhinav Jain, Laurent Tupin, and Phil Worthington. LinkedIn | Twitter


Mwezi, founded by Michael Sherry, operates within the Environmental Engineering, Industrial, and Solar industries. The company is committed to selling solar-powered products geared towards meeting household and business requirements. With a range of quality products and PAYG technology, Mwezi offers customers choice and access to different cost access points. Twitter

The Switch

The Switch operates in the Consumer Electronics, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries. Twitter

Ark Metrica

Ark Metrica is a UK based measurement technology company operating in the Electronics, Semiconductor, and Solar industries. The company is focused on the development of new transparent conductor technology for solar cell applications.

Exeo Energy

Exeo Energy operates in the Energy and Solar industries. They continue to make strides in providing sustainable energy solutions. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

As we continue to explore and unlock the full potential of solar power, companies in Oxford and beyond are driving the revolution. Through innovation, dedication, and perseverance, these teams are laying the foundation for a fossil-free future and proving that the world’s most powerful renewable resource is already at our fingertips.

Written by Mark Smith

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