Exploring Pioneering Machine Learning Organizations Based in Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway, known for its rich history, beautiful fjords, and the Northern Lights, is increasingly recognized for being a hotspot of technological innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this article, we are going to take a dive into some groundbreaking companies operating in the Machine Learning industry in the heart of the Norwegian capital.

Through their unique and innovative technologies, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fields ranging from healthcare and finance to food and beverage, and even advanced materials. With their headquarters nestled in the Nordic city, these companies are not just contributing to the cities vibrant startup culture, but they are also impacting industries and people’s lives on a global scale.

Here’s a roundup of some top Machine Learning companies you need to know about in Oslo, Norway.

Founded by Anita Schjoll Brede, Jacobo Elosua, Maria Ritola, and Victor Botev, is an advanced materials, artificial intelligence, and machine learning company providing powerful tools for your research. Using its world-leading AI engine, facilitates the understanding of scientific texts which comes handy in literature reviews, data extraction, and more, simplifying the tasks that involve thousands of documents. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Exabel, founded by Per Christian Moan and Øyvind Grotmol, specialises in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Finance, FinTech, and Machine Learning. The company channels alternative data into investable insights delivered to investment teams on their cloud platform for AI analysis, data science, and financial modelling. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Memory, founded by Mathias Mikkelsen, is an AI and Machine Learning company that develops tools for a better future of work. With their AI-driven time tracking and planning tool Timely, they are making task management more accuracy-friendly and user-oriented. The company is also known for introducing Dewo, a personal assistant for deep work. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Elliptic Labs

Led by founder Laila Danielsen, Elliptic Labs stands as a world leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors. Their proprietary Edge AI tech combines inputs from existing device sensors, producing smarter, greener, and more intuitive devices for the smartphone, IoT, laptop, and automotive industries. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Founded by Anders Eikenes and Stein Ove Eriksen, Huddly combines expertise across design, hardware, software, and artificial intelligence to create tools for team collaboration. Their smart cameras are designed to facilitate easy, high-quality video experiences on all major collaboration platforms. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Völur, an AI-based tech company co-founded by Adrian Diaz, David Moriano, and Robert Ekrem, optimises the cutting and processing of sustainable meat – creating value by increasing yields and demand satisfaction, while reducing inventory levels. LinkedIn


Founded by Jessica Li and Puteri Myrasandri, Savvie is a user-friendly mobile-first digital assistant leveraging data and machine learning to help food businesses optimise operations and increase profitability while reducing waste. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Founded by Anders Lassen, Eike Rösner, Espen Bjarnø, and Jeremy Titus, Movi is an IT company specialising in AI and product services for high-definition video content distribution, providing the tools that would enable the creation of a Netflix-grade video service. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter


Abelee, founded by Ola Snøve, applies data science in the financial markets. They combine modern data science with a unique technology stack and deep knowledge of risk management to create adaptive data-driven models and strategies. LinkedIn


Founded by Bertil Helseth and Espen Davidsen, Intelecy is a fast-growing technology company providing customers worldwide with tools to analyze production data from manufacturing using machine learning to prevent breakdowns, predict failures, and improve production processes.LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

AIMS Innovation

With Marius Wergeland Storsten as the founder, AIMS Innovation delivers the first intelligent monitoring solution. It provides IT experts with a graphical color-coded map pinpointing where an issue lies – right down to each business process or system. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Written by Mark Smith

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