Exploring Pioneering Oil and Gas Companies Headquartered in Leeds, UK

As the world continues to adapt and innovate in the face of climate change and renewable energy solutions, the Oil and Gas industry’s role is becoming progressively diversified. Within this shifting landscape, there are several prominent companies located in Leeds, UK, that span a wide range of operations within this sector, from chemical, industrial, to renewable energy. This article highlights these companies, offering an insight into their operations and initiatives within the energy sector.

Each company presented in this article contributes significantly to the industry as a whole, but in very distinct capacities and interests. The relevance of their work and the solutions they provide are germane not just to the industry’s concerns, but tangentially influence many other correlated sectors. Thus, understanding these organisations provides valuable knowledge of not only the current scope of the Oil and Gas industry, but also its future trajectory and potential.

The information garnered here is attained from direct sources such as the company websites, their official social media profiles, and industry analytics. The endeavour is to present a concise yet comprehensive account of their operations, thereby offering readers a pithy understanding of these companies.


Founded by Chris Rayner, C-Capture utilizes expertise in CO2-based chemistry and engineering to create solvent systems designed for CO2 removal from gas streams. With CO2 recognised as a major contributor to global warming, efforts such as these provide concrete steps towards reducing the environmental impact. Find out more about their techniques and innovations on their LinkedIn page or follow their @c_captureco2 Twitter account.

President Energy

Specialising in onshore exploration and production of oil and gas, President Energy focuses on providing a diverse portfolio of operations. The company strives to balance environmental considerations alongside their production outputs.

Right Fuelcard

Working in the sectors of Oil, Gas, as well as Fleet Management and Fuel, Right Fuelcard offers a wide selection of fuel cards designed for efficient management of fleet fuel expenses. The cards offer access to major fuel suppliers across various networks and supermarkets. Visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for more details.

Yorkshire Gas and Power

Yorkshire Gas and Power operates in diverse sectors including Electrical Distribution, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy. Find out more about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Scirocco Energy

Centred on Energy Efficiency, Oil and Gas, and Energy, Scirocco Energy presents a forward-thinking approach to energy production and management. Visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for a deeper insight into their work.

Rock Deformation Research

Originating from the University of Leeds, Rock Deformation Research works on the problem of fluid flow and deformation in rocks. Their multi-disciplinary approach combines high-quality consultancy and research to apply new concepts and reduce uncertainties and risks in the exploration, appraisal, and production of oil and gas fields as well as mineral deposits. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Written by Mark Smith

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