Exploring Renewable Energy Industry Innovations: Toulouse-Based Companies Leading the Charge

The Renewable Energy industry in France has been quite literally, making waves in the global sphere. With the country’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, the demand and focus on renewable energy sources have skyrocketed. Located in Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse is the heart of this wave of innovation in France. This article will introduce several companies, all dedicated to reshaping the future of energy, based out of Toulouse.

These companies are fueling a shared vision of a sustainable future through inventive approaches to traditional energy sources and innovative uses of new technologies. From designing chemical processes to harnessing the sun’s energy for cooling systems, these companies strive to create clean solutions that deliver essential energy without depleting the planet’s resources.

We believe that an in-depth examination of these companies will provide a comprehensive understanding of the innovative landscape that is Toulouse’s renewable energy sector. Each section will include a brief bio, link to their website and social media if provided.


SOLVIONIC is a company that specializes in the field of ionic liquids and sustainable chemistry. Having been founded by François Malbosc, they make use of innovative technology to design chemical processes, to use less energy, fewer raw materials, and generate less waste.


SUNiBRAIN is the pioneer of the first photovoltaic cell cooling system. Utilizing rainwater cooling to slow the aging of solar cells, their technology dramatically increases solar cell performance. This patented technology offers immediate profitability to solar power producers, being compatible with all kinds of photovoltaic plants.


Ilek, co-founded by Julien Chardon and Rémy Companyo, is a collaborative energy platform enabling renewable energy producers to sell electricity directly to individuals.


Co-founded by Morgane Barthod, meteo*swift provides daily forecasts of wind power production, optimizing electricity trading and supplying.

Capitole Energie

Capitole Energie, co-founded by Benoit Vilcot and Pierre-Jean Haure, contributes to the renewable energy sector with environmental-friendly solutions and energy services.


A high technology company, EPSILINE develops wind measurement solutions based on laser systems and serves the wind energy industry.


COLDINNOV is an innovative start-up developing a new generation refrigeration technology. By utilizing a solid/gas thermochemical reaction and an environmentally friendly refrigerant fluid, they minimize environmental impact and recover wasted or sustainable heat.


Neorka contributes to the renewable energy market, providing consultations and energy management services along with product research for the semiconductor industry.


EASYTRI offers administrations, local authorities, and businesses innovative solutions for the management of business waste. Their strong focus lies in eco-responsibility and public awareness.


eoltech is a design office specialized in controlling wind resources. Their independent status ensures thorough services on wind power estimates, park development, operation, and enhancement.

Hydro M Engineering

Specialised in energy, environmental consulting, and renewable energy, Hydro M Engineering provides a unique approach to environmental engineering with a focus on hydroelectric power.

Written by Mark Smith

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