Exploring Riga: Pioneering Innovations in Latvia’s 3D Technology Industry

The technological landscape of Riga, Latvia is thriving and particularly noteworthy in the field of 3D technology. As the industry widens its reach, several local companies are making a significant impact. In this article, we will explore some promising businesses operating in the 3D tech industry, covering a range of specialties from digital marketing to manufacturing. Each of these trailblazing companies envisions a world transformed by the potential of 3D technology.

Here in Riga, these sector pioneers are leading the way in developing innovative products and solutions that are reshaping industries and changing the way we live and work. These businesses range from startups to established companies, each with a unique proposition in this rapidly emerging field.

With 3D technology permeating various industry verticals, the companies profiled in this article demonstrate the versatility and broad-reaching potential application of this exciting technology. Onward to exploring these dynamic businesses and their offerings!


Groglass is a key player in the 3D technology sector, specifically in the field of digital signage and manufacturing. Founded by Sasha Kelberg, this company creates anti-reflective coatings for glass, targeting markets from architectural to photovoltaic, horticultural, art framing, and technical industries. Connect with @GroGlass on Twitter, Facebook or find them on Linkedin.

Overkill Ventures

In the worlds of 3D technology, cybersecurity, and FinTech, Overkill Ventures exists as a pivotal change agent. Spearheaded by founders David Ventzel, Dmitry Saikovsky, and Peter Marculans, this Nordic-based angel fund is dedicated to nurturing startups and scaling businesses to reach product-market fit. You can get an insight into their ventures by checking their Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin pages.


3DOptimizer is revolutionizing 3D printing technology, offering an online tool for optimal printer and material settings. By providing machine- and material-specific tests, they aim to elevate and simplify the 3D printing process. Engage with them on Twitter, Facebook or connect on Linkedin.

Spheroid Revolution

Rooted in 3D technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and more, Spheroid Revolution is paving the way for significant innovations in life science and medical fields. The company is focusing on building survival rates of 3D bioprinted tissues and organs, which could revolutionize medicinal sciences. You can explore more on their Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin platforms.

Mass Portal

Mass Portal is carving a niche in the realms of 3D technology, manufacturing, and printing. To get a glimpse into their work, you can check out the information on their Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin pages.


Ovaho operates in the domain of 3D technology, digital marketing, and web development. Further information about their ventures can be found on their Facebook page.


Specializing in 3D technology and nanotechnology, Slicker is pushing boundaries with its high-tech 3D super-multiview technology. Built on micro/nanostructured optical films, Slicker is creating a new generation of 3D displays. Connect with them on Linkedin.

Purpose AM Systems

Purpose AM Systems operates in the industrial automation and manufacturing industry with a focus on 3D technology. To know more about their projects, explore their Facebook or Linkedin accounts.


VetCasts, founded by Sigvards Krongorns, provides a unique combination of veterinary and 3D technology services. They offer slim, light, and personalized 3D printed plasters and orthoses for pets. Learn more about their work on Twitter or connect on Linkedin.

Written by Mark Smith

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