Exploring San Mateo’s Top Innovators in the Smart Building Industry

Stepping into the exciting world of Smart Building, we turn the spotlight on innovative companies headquartered in San Mateo, California. This thriving hub of technology is home to firms pushing the boundaries in areas such as Enterprise Software, Internet of Things, SaaS, and Smart Building to name a few. This article will present an overview of selected companies that are shaping the future of smart buildings and beyond.

The Smart Building industry encompasses technical systems that make buildings more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. These companies utilize advanced tools and strategies to personalize user experiences and improve operational efficiency. From digital home ecosystems to security solutions, they represent a diverse and exciting range of innovation with immense potential to transform our daily lives.

Let’s dive in and explore six companies based in San Mateo that are making waves in this burgeoning field.


With a vision to bring the human touch back into the workplace, Rever was founded in 2015 by a team with backgrounds in prestigious companies like Toyota, Airbus, IBM, Procter & Gamble, SAP, LinkedIn, among others. Operating at the intersection of enterprise software, SaaS, IoT, and the smart building industry, Rever uses its Connected Worker Platform to enable global manufacturers to improve their frontline operations. The app is used daily by frontline employees and supervisors to identify and resolve operational inefficiencies and apply AI to enhance their impact.

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Veev has audaciously redefined the approach to home building and experience. It provides a ‘home operating system’ that controls room-specific lighting, climate, and shade, providing clients with a comprehensive solution to their smart housing needs. Their panelized building system focuses on high-performance multifamily and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) products.

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Verkada has a clear mission: to modernize the world of enterprise building security. Offering a comprehensive security solution that spans security cameras, environmental sensors, alarms, access control, and cloud-based software, Verkada is helping thousands of organizations worldwide ensure safety and improve their operations’ efficiency.

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Kii Corporation

Formed as a merger between Servo Software and Synclore Corporation, the Kii Corporation offers an IoT platform and solutions focusing on Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Logistics as well as healthcare.

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Nexkey is revolutionizing access management with their technology that transforms any mechanical lock into a cloud-connected lock controlled by a mobile device. Nexkey paves the way for a keyless future in relation to doors, gates, lockers, and more.

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CYTIOT, INC. believes in the right data, not just big data. They focus on delivering real-time, pertinent data to devices, systems, and individuals across several industries including healthcare, power and energy, government, and industrial systems. Their real-time event identification capabilities help prevent catastrophic system failures.

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Written by Mark Smith

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