Explosive Chemical Incident at University of Delaware

Key Takeaways:

– A University of Delaware student accidentally created a shock-sensitive explosive chemical in a lab.
– The incident led to the evacuation of several campus buildings.
– Emergency officials and police officers were called in to handle the situation.
– The explosive chemical was safely detonated in front of Memorial Hall.
– Videos and memes of the incident circulated on social media.
– Classes resumed as usual the following day.

The Accidental Creation of an Explosive Chemical

In a shocking turn of events, a University of Delaware student unintentionally created a shock-sensitive explosive chemical during a laboratory experiment. The student, whose identity remains undisclosed, was conducting research in a chemistry lab when the incident occurred. It is believed that a combination of chemicals and improper handling led to the creation of the explosive substance.

Evacuation of Campus Buildings

Upon discovering the presence of the explosive chemical, university officials swiftly took action to ensure the safety of the campus community. Several campus buildings were immediately evacuated, and emergency protocols were put into place. Students and staff were directed to move to designated safe zones away from the affected areas.

Emergency Response and Detonation

Emergency officials, including hazardous materials teams and police officers, were called in to handle the situation. Their primary objective was to safely neutralize and dispose of the explosive chemical. As a precautionary measure, a hole was dug in front of the university’s Memorial Hall, a safe distance away from other buildings. The explosive substance was carefully transported to the designated area and detonated under controlled conditions.

Social Media Reaction and Memes

In the age of social media, news travels fast, and the incident at the University of Delaware was no exception. Videos and images of the evacuation and subsequent detonation quickly spread across various platforms. Students, known for their sense of humor, took to creating memes and humorous posts about the incident. While some may argue that making light of a potentially dangerous situation is inappropriate, others saw it as a way to cope with the stress and uncertainty of the event.

Resumption of Classes

Fortunately, the incident did not result in any injuries or significant damage. Once the explosive chemical was safely detonated, campus officials deemed it safe for students and staff to return to their normal activities. Classes resumed as usual the following day, with additional safety measures in place to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. The university also took the opportunity to review and reinforce safety protocols within its laboratories.


The accidental creation of a shock-sensitive explosive chemical at the University of Delaware sent shockwaves through the campus community. The swift response of emergency officials and the safe detonation of the chemical ensured the safety of all individuals involved. While the incident may have caused temporary disruption, it also highlighted the importance of proper handling and safety protocols in laboratory settings. As the university moves forward, it will undoubtedly use this experience as a learning opportunity to further enhance its commitment to the safety and well-being of its students and staff.

Written by Martin Cole

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