Fort Worth Precious Metals Innovators Revolutionizing Texas Tech Industry

Fort Worth, Texas, notable for its western heritage and diverse economy, is a thriving nexus for the industry of precious metals. The presence of several exploration, manufacturing, and retail companies in this industry has invigorated the economic landscape of the city and provided value to stakeholders all around. This article spotlights notable ventures located within Fort Worth that are trailblazing within the precious metals industry.

In today’s fast-paced, evolving commercial environment, precious metals hold their position as the bedrock of several industries. From the traditional jewelry and minting services down to the more innovative roles in technology and medicine, these metals continually demonstrate their importance. In Fort Worth, a collection of innovative companies are making significant contributions to the industrial and retail sectors of these metals.

What sets these companies apart is their commitment to innovation, stellar business practices, and progressive approaches to precious metal exploration, manufacturing, and retailing. Below, we embark on an explorative tour of seven remarkable companies headquartered in Fort Worth that are carving a niche for themselves and contributing positively to the precious metals industry.


Founded by industry veteran, Michael S. Levin, e-STEEL has become synonymous with the revolutionary adaptation of the steel business to the digital economy. e-STEEL facilitates a centralized, electronic marketplace where real-time trade of steel can take place in an egalitarian environment. Its commitment to sustaining value for both sellers and buyers through a neutral exchange has had tremendous implications on the steel industry as a whole.

Accurate Metal Stamping

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, Accurate Metal Stamping has exemplified excellence in the manufacturing and packaging services industry for precious metals. More information about Accurate Metal Stamping and its innovative contributions can be explored on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Mustard Seed Jewelry

With an emphasis on craftsmanship and inspired design, Mustard Seed Jewelry has carved an enviable niche in the e-commerce, jewelry, and precious metals industry. More details about Mustard Seed Jewelry can be found on its LinkedIn page.

Victory Awning

Providing premium quality awnings, awning graphics, carports, shade structures and patio covers, Victory Awning is a leader in the manufacturing sector in Fort Worth. Further insights into Victory Awning’s top-notch manufacturing procedures can be found on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.

Certified Gold Exchange has been the go-to source for precious metal investments since its inception in 1992. With a strong commitment to maintaining its stunning reputation through the provision of high-quality educational materials, pricing guarantees and free delivery, the company ensures consumers are in the best hands. More details can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


An industry pacesetter in rolling security doors and security shutters, Rollok has a robust range of solutions to meet security and design requirements simultaneously. Beyond providing door solutions, they deliver for commercial and storefront security, storm, hurricane protection, millwork, and fixtures. For an engaging look into Rollok’s operations, look at their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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