Green Energy Innovations Emerging from Gilbert, Arizona’s Tech Sector


Gilbert, Arizona, a thriving hub in the United States, is becoming recognized as a nexus of innovation in the energy industry. With a growing number of companies driving advancements in renewable and clean energy, Gilbert has evolved into a hotbed of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological disruption. This article highlights some of the transformative companies headquartered in Gilbert that are trailblazing in the energy field.

From solar tech manufacturers and clean energy consulting firms to software solutions providers for energy management, these companies are tackling energy-related challenges with cutting edge technological solutions. They exemplify the spirit of innovation and agility that is propelling the energy industry into the future.

Here, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable tech companies who are pioneering the next generation of energy technologies and solutions, and whose efforts are reshaping the industry while championing sustainable practices and energy efficiency.

SunStream Technology, Inc

Founded by John A. Anderson, SunStream Technology, Inc set out with a mission to mitigate energy poverty. The company was born out of an urgent need for affordable solar power solutions to keep mobile phones powered in regions with scarce or unreliable electricity. Today, the company is an industrial leader in manufacturing and renewable energy, specializing in solar energy systems.

Nerd Power

Nerd Power, founded by Babe Kilgore, is a unique player in the clean and renewable energy sector. The company has taken on the ambitious target of pioneering energy efficiency to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

National Exploration Wells & Pumps

A powerhouse in the energy sector, National Exploration Wells & Pumps provides an amalgamation of drilling services and technical capabilities. They are a team of experienced drillers offering comprehensive drilling and well services to the mining, water, and energy markets.

Primitive Power

Primitive Power, founded by Jarom Wall, operates across various facets of the energy industry, including battery, clean energy, consulting, lighting, solar and supply chain management. With a holistic approach to solving energy problems, the team at Primitive Power is committed to delivering effective energy solutions for the modern world.

DECA Southwest

Dedicated to energy efficiency and management, DECA Southwest offers expert consulting services in the energy industry. The company also specializes in creating cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Pivotal Energy Solutions

A pioneer at the intersection of energy, information technology, and software, Pivotal Energy Solutions is committed to developing tech-forward energy solutions.

Volt Energy

Volt Energy is a leading solar company that offers consumers a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional electricity sources. They are dedicated to helping customers optimize their installations for maximum return on investment.

Element Energy

From providing installation services for solar energy systems to parts and workmanship services, Element Energy is a key player in the solar energy market. They are dedicated to promoting sustainable living through their comprehensive support services.

SanTan Solar

SanTan Solar helps customers harness the power of the sun with their premium solar products – from solar panels and solar accessories to batteries, charge controllers, and inverters.

Senergy Solar

Providing renewable energy services is the core mission at Senergy Solar. The firm’s focus on clean energy technology, green energy, and power grid solutions is setting a new standard for sustainable energy practices worldwide.

BC Energy

At BC Energy, the goal is to aid companies in reducing their energy consumption. Offering both local and enterprise-wide solutions, BC Energy is a one-stop-shop for commercial energy reduction services.


Written by Mark Smith

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