Green Energy Innovations: Spotlight on Edinburgh Based Energy Enterprises

Edinburgh is at the forefront of innovative and transformative energy technology solutions. Boasting a high concentration of pioneering companies, Edinburgh is a hotbed for breakthroughs in renewables, cleantech, energy efficiency, and more. With an exceptional pool of skilled professionals and a robust infrastructure for research and development, the city offers an ideal climate for these trailblazing firms. Let’s delve into some of the most influential companies operating in the energy sector and based in the Scottish capital.

These businesses are not only reshaping the energy industry – they’re reshaping the world. They are at the cutting edge of technologies designed to make the way we produce, distribute, and consume energy cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable. From renewable power to energy storage, their innovations are helping to decarbonize the energy sector and tackle some of our greatest environmental challenges.

Here, we introduce you to these thought-leading companies, their innovative products and services, and the talented teams behind their success. You’ll also find direct links to their websites and social media channels, allowing you to learn more about their ambitious missions.


Gravitricity is an environmental consulting and renewable energy company found by Charlie Blair, Martin Wright, and Peter Fraenkel. They’ve developed an innovative storage technology that combines some of the best characteristics of lithium batteries and pumped storage.

Celtic Renewables

Celtic Renewables, a biotech startup founded by Martin Tangney in 2011, commercializes a process for producing superior next-generation biofuel and other high-value sustainable products from the by-products of biological industries. The company is initially focused on the £4 billion Scottish Malt Whisky industry.

Continuum Industries

Founded by Emil Hansen, Grzegorz Marecki, and Matt Blythe, Continuum Industries operates at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Machine Learning, Renewable Energy, and Software.

The Faraday Grid

The Faraday Grid, founded by Andrew Scobie and Matthew Williams, envisions the grid as a true platform for smart cities, electric vehicles, and domestic prosumers competing as suppliers of energy. The grid they envisage would work as a decentralised network that ties together the physics and economics of electricity.

Mocean Energy

Mocean Energy, founded in 2015 by Cameron McNatt and Chris Retzler, is developing new technologies that can harness the power of waves and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon world.

QED Naval

QED Naval is a naval architecture consultancy founded by Jeremy Smith. Specializing in the marine renewable energy industry, they provide solutions for the deployment of offshore wind, wave, and tidal devices, and the development of port and near shore infrastructure.

Nova Innovation

Nova Innovation, founded in 2010 by Gary Connor and Simon Forrest, designs, builds, operates tidal energy devices, and develops sites for arrays of tidal turbines. The company is seen as a major contributor to the success of tidal power.


StorTera is a company that offers a unique single liquid flow battery (SLIQ) which provides flexibility to the grid by storing electricity.

Orca Hub

Orca Hub, founded by Dave Lane and David Lane, is a multimillion-pound initiative aimed at addressing the offshore energy industry’s vision for a completely autonomous offshore energy field. The project revolves around using robotic systems and AI to revolutionize Asset Integrity Management for the offshore energy sector.

Logan Energy

Founded by Bill Ireland, Logan Energy offers a full turnkey service from project inception, design development, integration, manufacturing and installation, to operation and maintenance.

LUX Assure

LUX Assure, a division of LUX Innovate Limited, delivers robust, highly sensitive and simple to use chemical monitoring technologies for both offshore and onshore use in the oil and gas industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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