Green Giants: Spotlighting Munich-based Sustainability Pioneers in Tech Industry

As we delve into the era of sustainability, numerous companies are emerging at the forefront of this global move. By paying close attention to our environment, these firms endeavor to shape a green future. This article showcases ten trailblazing companies based in München, Bayern, Germany, who are making remarkable strides in different sectors of the sustainability industry.

From home gardening to energy efficiency to green financial services, these companies are demonstrating that every industry has a role to play in embracing sustainability. By promoting innovative solutions, they are not just providing eco-friendly alternatives but are shaping consumer behavior towards a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s explore these companies and their significant contributions to the future of sustainability.


Co-founded by Dominik Cadmus, Felix Lill, and Melissa Raupach, Plantura is a home and garden company that offers sustainable related products to nature enthusiasts. By combining physical products with a digital knowledge platform and app, Plantura creates a unique 360° experience leading European hobby gardeners and plant lovers on their journey towards a greener thumb. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


EINBLIQ.IO, founded by Ralf Neudel and Sebastian Siepe, is a company that aims to guarantee cost-effective and energy-efficient streaming services. Their software-as-a-service platform optimizes broadcasting network usage based on real-time analytics, increasing stability, resilience, and efficiency, thereby reducing churn. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Fuelled by a mission to make climate action plan fast, easy, and tailored for businesses, Footprint was co-founded by Daniel Scholz and Sebastian Gier. The company focuses on the digitalization of carbon emission reduction. Find them on LinkedIn.

Providing a platform for sustainable consumption and lifestyle patterns is Their driving force is climate change and their aim is to act as a catalyst for companies that embrace sustainability. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Spenoki offers sustainability management software that assists organizations in optimizing and reporting sustainability. Their services cater to societal expectations and regulatory obligations. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Smart Lab Architects

Smart Lab Architects specialize in building modern labs for start-ups with a full planning spectrum covering real estate, construction works, lab certification, and equipment financing. Engage with them on LinkedIn or through their Twitter account.


Offering services in analytics, compliance, consulting, cybersecurity, HR, risk management, and sustainability, Baumlink, co-founded by Chris Morillon, is a company offering diverse capabilities. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Steinbeis is a company focused on investing in the circular economy, green energy, and paper. Their family tradition of entrepreneurship blends with a future-oriented investment strategy that emphasizes sustainability. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Blood Donation Service

Operating in the healthcare sector, Blood Donation Service offers a critical service that weaves sustainability into a non-profit approach. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or through their Twitter account.


SICOTRONIC operates within the energy, energy management, manufacturing, and sustainability sectors. The company contributes towards greener solutions in these industries. Follow them on Facebook.


GuudCard is a company offering sustainable solutions in the financial services and payment sector. They are adding a new dimension to green initiatives by incorporating it into financial transactions. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these ten companies based in München, Bayern, Germany, are making undeniable strides in improving sustainability within their various sectors. Through their products, services, and actions, they are propelling us into a greener future, underpinning the importance of sustainability in every aspect of our lives.

Written by Mark Smith

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