Green Innovation: Environmental Consultancies Thriving in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Welcome to another exciting feature in the series showcasing enterprises focused on environmental consulting. Today, the spotlight is on Curitiba, a city that’s become a hub for such companies in Brazil. These organizations are making serious inroads in environmental stewardship, with a scope of work that spans advising on sustainable practices to creating innovative technologies in renewable energy. Termed as the ‘Green Capital’ of Brazil, Curitiba forms a fitting backdrop to these companies driven by forward-thinking sustainability and responsible business practices.

Curitiba has blossomed into a major South American tech and business powerhouse, catalyzing a surge in entrepreneurial ventures focused specifically on environmental consulting. These companies are at the forefront of driving Brazil’s energy revolution, prioritizing the uptake of renewable sources. This commitment to environmental preservation and the provision of sustainable solutions is helping reposition Brazil on the global environmental stage, and Curitiba-based companies are leading the charge.

With an in-depth look into each company, this feature aims to give you an insight into the formidable work these businesses are doing. From engineering giants to burgeoning start-ups, here are the businesses that are pushing the envelope in environmental consulting in Curitibia.


Founded by Fabiano Fenelon, Rodrigo Martins, and Sandro Nelson Vieira, Ensolab is at the forefront of Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy in Curitiba. They focus on the development, planning, and construction of renewable energy power plants for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Furthermore, they’re breaking boundaries with energy efficiency, renewable energy storage and management. Socials: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Nex Energy

Nex Energy stands out with their platform facilitating a direct connection between energy generators from renewable sources to small and—medium retailers. Businesses executing their services are capable of reducing energy costs by 30%. Socials: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Working in Construction, Environmental Consulting, and Industry, Cesbe remains an influential company in Curitiba. Socials: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Grupo Index

Grupo Index is an influential name in Environmental Consulting, Forestry, and Market Research operating from Curitiba. Socials: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Econsultoria is making waves in the domains of Consulting and Environmental Consulting. It operates as a non-profit in Curitiba. Socials: Facebook LinkedIn.,

Barigui Group

Barigui Group operates in Curitiba, and their work spans Automotive, Education, Environmental Consulting, and Rentals. Socials: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Engenharia DiagnostiKa

Founded by Ilimar Kasper, the Engenharia DiagnostiKa team comprises experts from different areas of engineering working within the strictest professional ethics. They provide a variety of services with a prime focus on security, stability, and maintenance to various enterprises. Socials: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Flosambiental, founded by Clarissa M. de Souza, aims to prevent environmental liabilities and eliminate the wastage of natural resources. They offer an emissions inventory, performance indicators, and emissions management for greenhouse gases. Socials: LinkedIn.


SACIS offers monitoring systems for pedestrian and bicycle flows in urban and rural environments and indoor and outdoor events. They also monitor visitors in museums, parks, and squares. Socials: Facebook.


Founded in 2018, ReverLog focuses on business and technology strategies, emphasizing the reverse logistics market. This Curitiba-based company is developing innovative solutions that facilitate the reuse of industrial waste in new industrial processes. Socials: LinkedIn.

Curitiba’s ground-breaking environmental consulting sector is pushing boundaries with solutions that harness the power of technology to drive sustainable development. These companies have just been showcased for their exceptional contribution to environmental consulting. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more exceptional enterprises enhancing Curitiba’s reputation as Brazil’s green capital.

Written by Mark Smith

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