Green Innovations: Exploring Naples’ Leading Environmental Engineering Enterprises

Naples, Florida may be well-known for its paradisal beaches and upscale lifestyle, but it’s also a thriving hub for companies specializing in Environmental Engineering. This feature article highlights businesses operating in this critical sector who call Naples home. These companies are not only pioneers in their respective fields but are also shaping the future of environmental sustainability with their innovative solutions.

Environmental Engineering is the branch of engineering that focuses on protecting the environment by reducing waste and pollution. It also involves the implementation of new technologies to improve environmental quality. From nanotechnology-based materials and coatings to utility-locating and trenchless construction, Naples’ companies are changing the industry’s landscape.

Let’s dive into these companies and what they bring to the field of Environmental Engineering. In this article, we will explore their bios, their founders, and links to their online presences. Each company’s name will be a clickable link, directing you to their official website to learn more.


Founded by William Fitts in 2006, EnVont is a game-changing company within the Environmental Engineering and Information Technology field. They specialize in nanotechnology-based materials and coatings, with a specific focus on protective thin films, smart coatings, and multi-functional particles. EnVont’s innovative solutions provide advanced and environmentally friendly materials – satisfying a global demand for a safer and healthier environment. EnVont’s digital presence extends to their various social media channels.


In the realm of Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Waste Management, FleetGenius has carved a reputation for itself. This Naples-based company demonstrates extensive expertise and a consultative approach, making it a force to reckon with in its industry. For more detailed information on FleetGenius’s services, their website provides a comprehensive overview.

Earth View

Another standout company on our list is Earth View. Specializing in Civil Engineering, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, they offer a wide range of services. From ground penetrating radar and horizontal directional drilling to pipe leak detection and utility diagnostics. Earth View’s customer-centric approach sets it apart, with responsive customer support via phone, contact form, and email. Visit their website to explore their varied offerings.

Peninsula Engineering

Offering a remarkable range of services from land development to civil engineering to environmental planning, Peninsula Engineering has been a beacon in the field of Environmental Engineering. Besides these, they also provide construction management, landscape architecture, surveying, and mapping services. Discover more about their extensive offerings on their website.


In the realm of energy technology literacy, Helpanswers is a leader. Their mission is to enhance the efficiency of buildings, businesses, and communities by facilitating the adoption of advanced technologies. A non-profit organization, they collaborate with government agencies, laboratories, foundations, and companies to initiate programs and demonstrations. To keep up with their latest initiatives, visit their website.

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

The Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, located in Naples, Florida, is renowned for its association with Environmental Consulting and Environmental Engineering. They aim to preserve the natural environment and educate the public about the importance of environmental sustainability. For more details about their initiatives, visit their website.

Written by Mark Smith

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