Houston’s Pioneering Ventures Transforming Texan Waste into Sustainable Solutions

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Welcome to our latest feature at Futurology magazine in which we explore an innovative selection of companies based in Houston, Texas, contributing significantly to the recycling industry. These companies are making invaluable strides in sustainability, tackling the challenges in waste management, plastics, fashion, water, and energy sectors, among others. They showcase that the city of Houston is at the forefront of merging the economy with ecology. In this a

The recycling industry continues to evolve, driven by innovation, creativity and a commitment to turning waste into an opportunity. Despite the diverse offering of these companies, they share a common mission: environmental sustainability. These companies not only deal with the management of waste but also materials like water, industrial waste, fashion, plastic and rubber, and more.

These companies in the recycling industry have left a palpable impact and amassed global attention for their revolutionary efforts. Let’s delve deeper into the vision, foundations, and mission of these organisations, each uniquely deployed to make the world a better, more sustainable place.


Established in 2019 by David Hudson in Houston, Texas, Circulus is pioneering plastics and rubber manufacturing, recycling, sustainability, and waste management. The company breathes new life into olefin plastics, transforming them into resins suitable for various commercial and industrial applications. For more information, head to their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Topper Luciani and Jonathan Millar and based in Houston, Goodfair is an innovative unisex online thrift marketplace. Recycle pre-loved goods at fair and honest prices. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

H2O Midstream

H2O Midstream, founded by Frank Olmsted, centres its focus on treating water as a commodity and not as waste. They are innovators within the CleanTech, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Recycling industry, acquiring, building, and managing water midstream assets to increase efficiency. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Accent Wire-Tie

Established by J.P. Sims, Accent Wire-Tie serves the recycling industry with baling wire and other bale packaging consumables. They also manufacture innovative products like the Accent 470 and offer the exclusive worldwide Envirobale system. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Vertex Energy is renowned within the Logistics, and Recycling industry. They focus on recycling industrial waste streams and off-specification commercial chemical products, specifically used motor oil and other petroleum by-product streams. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Jhana Porter, the founder of frakktal, addresses recycling issues within the construction field. This cutting-edge company is part of the Construction, Manufacturing, Recycling, and Sustainability industry. Get more information about them on LinkedIn.


Reterra, founded by Jason Ball, aims at transforming waste PET plastic byproduct streams into intermediary products. The company’s advanced solutions grant package suppliers and manufacturers the opportunity to include more recycled content in their supply chains. Learn more about Reterra on their LinkedIn page.


REEcycle, another Houston-based recycling venture, recycles rare earth elements from electronic waste, creating a sustainable, domestic supply for these essential resources. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Zinc Resources

Founded by Ron Crittendon, Zinc Resources aids the steel industry by offering solutions that recycle the hazardous waste produced during steel production, implying a safe and cost-effective way for waste management.

WM Intellectual Property Holdings

WM Intellectual Property Holdings is another company contributing to environmental engineering, recycling, sustainability, and waste management in Houston, Texas. Follow their initiatives on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Finally, we have WM – a company committed to ensuring a green future via recycling, sustainability, and waste management. They also disseminate crucial updates on their initiatives via their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Each one of these Houston-based companies is driving innovative approaches to recycling in their industries, true game-changers that resist the status quo and persist in their mission to achieve a sustainable future. They are harbingers of not only environmental sustainability but also a bright, promising future where every waste becomes a resource. By doing so, they exemplify that profitability and environmentalophilia are not mutually exclusive but can harmoniously coexist.


Please note that for a few companies, founders names, Twitter handles, and Facebook links were not provided. As such, those spaces were left empty.

Written by Mark Smith

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