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How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Parenting Easier

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Parenting is challenging in every way possible, including mentally, physically, and emotionally. Luckily, modern technology like artificial intelligence can make it easier to raise your kids because it can do everything from saving time to making learning easier. Learning more about AI can help you apply it in your family’s lives.

Using AI for Teenagers

Teens experience many challenges along the way, including the need to develop good habits. Many kids are under pressure to get good grades, and they may not have time to get these things done. AI can help you work with your child on their time management skills, ensuring they leave enough time to rest. There are some AI apps that can even help your child figure out what they want to do in the future. That way, your child can determine if they want to go to college or not so you can start planning now.

You may be asked to help out by cosigning on a loan to help fund their education, but before agreeing to sign, there are a few things you should consider. One thing you need to know is whether it will affect your credit score. You may also worry about your child’s safety. Some apps use location intelligence to help you know where they are always. The app can learn where your child normally goes, and if they are somewhere they don’t usually go, you can set the app to send you an alert.

Using AI for Young Children

If you have a young child, AI can help you learn when it is time to feed your child, when they need medical care, or why your baby is crying. AI has successfully been used to determine the difference between distress cries and regular cries. There are also many apps that can produce white noise, like wind, waves, or rain, and they can be trained to play the right sound for the right situation. Many learn a child’s sleeping patterns and experiments with the right sounds.

Using AI for Young Adults

By the time your child is a young adult, they may want to live on their own and make their own friends, and just the same as business needs data science, your child will need tech support in various ways to transition from inside the nest, to outside. While you may not have the same influence on them as you would a child, your young adult will still depend on you for advice. It’s not uncommon for parents to help support their child financially, especially shortly after they have moved away from home. There are plenty of financial services running on AI, and you can use them to help you figure out how much to send and when. AI is also helpful in managing finances.

Making Your Life Easier

AI can also be applied to household chores, something many parents don’t have a lot of time for. Smart devices like appliances and robotic vacuum cleaners can save you plenty of time. You can also get AI security systems to help keep your family safe. They can be programmed to let you know when there is a stranger at the door.

Written by Marcus Richards

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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