India’s Gurgaon Hub: Exploring Innovations in Energy Management Industry

Gurgaon, the “Silicon Valley” of India, houses some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the energy management industry. As climate change and sustainability become critical factors for future development, the need for innovative energy solutions is becoming increasingly important. This article presents a series of companies, located in Gurgaon, pushing the boundaries in energy management and renewable energy solutions.

These companies represent a diversity of approaches to energy management, using modern technologies to optimize usage, decrease wastage, and reduce the carbon footprint. Some work in renewable energy, others in the Internet of Things, while others focus on energy-efficient solutions for data centers and residential societies. We will now delve into each company, highlighting the work they do, their specific area of focus, and the impact they are making in their industry.

We invite you to spend some time learning about these innovative companies, and don’t forget to check out their websites (linked with their names) – there’s much more to discover.

Sembcorp Energy India

Founded by Vipul Tuli, Sembcorp Energy India operates in the development and operation of power generation assets across thermal and renewable sectors. The company has a presence in 10 states across the country and a balanced portfolio of thermal and renewable energy assets. Search for them on the LinkedIn platform.


EpVi is an energy Management company founded by Bharath Rankawat and his team. They focus on using IoT to reduce electricity wastage while providing real-time usage monitoring. Their innovative app automatically manages electricity usage to reduce utility bills while protecting homes from power surges. Find them on Twitter,
Facebook, or check their progress on LinkedIn.

Evy Energy

Evy Energy, under the leadership of Bhabani Mohapatra and Tushar Bohra, provides comprehensive EV charging technical solutions for stakeholders in the EV charging industry. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


TekUncorked, founded by Meenakshi Vashist, Ram Sethi, and Rohit Monga, offers an IoT platform designed to reduce losses and boost efficiency in electricity distribution through smart management of the grid. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Innvoke Power

Innvoke Power’s team offers heating ventilation and air conditioning management services. They specialize in data centers, infrastructure management, and energy management. Search for them on Facebook or get in touch with them on LinkedIn.

Energy & Fire

Energy & Fire is also prominent in Gurgaon’s energy management industry. Although their details and founders are not listed, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for more information.

The team over at provides an exceptional web-based solution for society management, focusing on energy accounting. They offer the most comprehensive solutions for apartment management, society accounting, RWA management, and energy accounting. More info can be found on their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages.

In conclusion, these companies are making essential contributions to energy management, sustainable growth, and technological advancements. They embody the innovative spirit that is infused into Gurgaon’s Silicon Valley, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and leading us towards a greener, more efficient future.

Written by Mark Smith

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