Israeli Energy Innovators: Spotlight on Herzliya Tel Aviv Energy Companies

As one of the technological centres of the world, the Israeli city of Herzliya in Tel Aviv has been home to many innovative energy companies thriving in the bleeding technology era. Ranging from renewable energy leaders to software and hardware developers in the energy sector, these companies are noteworthy for their cutting-edge technologies and services. For this Futurology article, we are shining a light on companies in Herzliya that are creating the future of the energy industry.

Known for its warm climate and abundant sunshine, Israel is a naturally suitable location for the progression of solar technology. Herzliya, a city that mixes urban growth with natural beauty, is at the heart of these advancements. Ironically, in this Mediterranean atmosphere, a burst of technological meteorology is underway. At its core, the energy industry in Isreal is being revolutionised by the companies that call Herzliya their home.

Today, we explore the progress of these companies in the solar, renewable, and alternative energy sectors along with companies optimizing the use of energy resources in this Scandinavian-looking city in the Middle East. Descriptions and links to each company are included, providing an excellent roadmap for exploring Herzliya’s future-focused energy industry.

SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge Technologies is a global leader in the DC power optimizer market. Founded by Amir Fishelov, Meir Adest, and Yoav Galin in 2006, the company provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring systems. They have strategic partnerships across the PV value chain, with installations on five continents. SolarEdge envisages a future where every solar module is individually managed by DC-DC module-level electronics, making clean energy affordable.


With a focus on energy, Information Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), IT Infrastructure, and software, Locusview, founded by Alicia Farag and Shahar Levi, has developed a Digital Construction Management platform for energy, telecom, and water companies. Their solution streamlines data flow, allowing better management of infrastructure construction projects.


Solegreen specializes in developing environmentally friendly power from renewable sources. From the setup to the financing and management of power generation facilities based on renewable energy, they are integral contributors to green energy production.

Synvertec LTD.

Contributing further to renewable energy, Synvertec LTD. designed the Synchronverter®, a patented control algorithm that transforms renewable energy inverters into grid stabilizing devices. Found by Robert Meshel, Synvertec facilitates higher levels of RES and DER within diverse electricity grids.


Sparkion is a forerunner in the battery, energy storage, and transportation industries in Herzliya. They provide innovative energy solutions and stand as a notable player in the field.

Tamar Petroleum

As a natural gas exploration firm, Tamar Petroleum engages in the exploration, development, production, and sale of natural gas. This propels Herzliya into the forefront of the oil and gas sector with advancements in exploration techniques.

Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd.

Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd. further contributes to the energy, fuel, and oil and gas sectors. They are notable players that strengthen Herzliya’s position in these energy sectors.


Providing critical support to utilities companies, Metrycom founded by Liron Frenkel leverages the Internet of Things to empower utilities with continuous visibility over their high voltage transmission and distribution lines.

Roseman Engineering

In the fuel management sector, Roseman Engineering offers fleet management, onsite fueling, gas station management, and electric vehicle (EV) solutions. Through their services, they aim to improve energy management for customers, consumers, and communities.

Nanergy Alternative Energy

Established in 2007, Nanergy Alternative Energy develops low-cost fuel cell power systems. Their innovative technology helps overcome hurdles hampering the commercialization of fuel cell technologies.

Watts & More

Watts & More has developed a method for improving the efficiency of photovoltaic installations. Their SolarBalancers™ provide up to 25% more energy from a given site without modifying the main components.

In conclusion, Herzliya in Tel Aviv is a breeding ground for companies that are making significant strides in shaping the future of the energy industry. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency, these companies showcase the pioneering spirit of Israel’s technological advancements. Herzliya, at this pace, is set to become the world’s hub for energy industry revolution.

Written by Mark Smith

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