Leading Melbourne-Based Precious Metals Firms Reshaping Australia’s Futuristic Technology Landscape

With Melbourne being an epicenter for various industrial sectors, it comes as no surprise that it houses an impressive array of companies that operate in the precious metals industry. These establishments cover a range of services, from mining to manufacturing, and contribute significantly to the Australian economy. This feature highlights several Melbourne-based companies, their backgrounds, operations, and contributions to the precious metals industry.

Through this examination, we gain insights into how these organisations are spearheading developments while keeping sustainability and community engagement at the forefront of their operations. Let’s delve into the world of precious metals, starting with OceanaGold Corporation and moving through other noteworthy entities such as Hardchrome Engineering, Cosmo Gold Ltd, and many more.

Disclaimer: While this article provides a snapshot of some of Melbourne’s leading precious metals companies, it does not serve as investment advice. Always conduct independent research when considering investment opportunities.

OceanaGold Corporation

OceanaGold Corporation is a global gold and copper producer with a 24-year track record of operations spread across New Zealand, the Philippines, and El Salvador. The company’s standout operation is the Didipio mine in the Philippines, which has been in commercial production since 2013 and is set to run until 2030. OceanaGold operates not just with productivity in mind, but with significant emphasis on environmental sustainability and community collaboration. Find more about the company on their LinkedIn page.

Hardchrome Engineering

Established in 1968, Hardchrome Engineering stands as a leader in surface technology and heat treatment. Operating out of Melbourne, the company provides services to numerous sectors and clients and strives to stay at the forefront of materials engineering through constant investment and research. Their commitment to quality is delivered by a skilled workforce that includes qualified metallurgists and chemical engineers. Connect with Hardchrome Engineering on LinkedIn.

Cosmo Gold Ltd

Cosmo Gold Ltd owns and operates the mining tenements composing the Cosmo Newbery Gold Project. Although it has been largely unexplored since 2002, the Project holds promise due to its location around the Cosmo Newbery aboriginal community in Western Australia. For more updates, follow Cosmo Gold on Twitter.

Australian Bullion Company

The Australian Bullion Company serves as a precious metals wholesaler and retailer, offering LBMA-accredited gold and silver bars. Its services extend to bullion sales, buybacks, storage, and more. For more details, visit their LinkedIn page.

North Limited

A player in the precious metals industry, North Limited delves into the extraction of iron ore, uranium, copper-gold, and gold from its mines. Find out more about them on their Facebook page.

Impact Drill & Blast

A leading name in the mining and precious metals sector, Impact Drill & Blast has proven expertise and experience. More information is available on their LinkedIn page.

Nova Minerals

Nova Minerals is an extraction company known for its work in mining and metallurgy related to various minerals and metals. Driven by the commitment to promote local economic growth, social stability, prosperity, and environmental preservation, it has carved a niche in the industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Mineral Deposits

Mineral Deposits Limited is a mining company specialising in mineral sands resources. Since the mid-1990s, the company has grown to become an integrated mineral sands producer and offers a clear value proposition for shareholders. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.


SMX is an online scrap metal trading platform that offers a convenient way for traders to exchange scrap metal and other commodities. They’re known for their expert advice, up-to-date information, and high-quality goods and customer service.

Stellar Resources

Stellar Resources is a company that delves into exploration of various elements, including gold, tin, lithium, and base metals. Their exploration targets are carefully chosen and prioritised, ensuring the development of economic reserves. Follow Stellar Resources on Twitter for updates.

3D Resources Limited

3D Resources Limited is a key player in the mining and precious metals sector. More details about their operations can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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