Little Rock’s Innovative Energy Firms Shaping Arkansas’s Sustainable Future

The state of Arkansas, which is known for its diverse geography, ranging from the mountainous regions to the densely forested land in the south, also dominates the American Energy Industry landscape. The capital city, Little Rock, located at the heart of the state, is a hub for various innovative energy companies. These companies span many areas from renewable energy solutions to oil distribution and facility support services. We look at some of the key players who are leading the charge towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Spanning domains from renewable solar energy to non-profit electrical distribution and nuclear power production and marketing, these companies provide a great diversity in approach towards energy conservation and profitable energy distribution. Their common goal is to leave a better, cleaner, and brighter world for the future generations. Let us dive into the details of these companies that are making consistent strides in the energy industry.

The companies we are focusing on today are: Today’s Power, Entegrity Energy Partners, Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, Southwest Power Pool, Entergy Arkansas Llc, Blue Flame Minerals, Harrison Energy Partners, GTL Americas, Home Energy Rx, Cromwell Architects Engineers, and A.O.G. Corp..

Today’s Power

Founded in 2015, Today’s Power provides renewable energy options to cooperatives and their members. With a commitment to a renewable future, they design the most reliable and efficient solar kits on the market. By using the highest quality materials and building to utility-grade standards, they extract maximum value for their customers. Their initiatives effectively improve the quality of life of the communities they serve. Facebook | LinkedIn | @todayspower

Entegrity Energy Partners

Entegrity Energy Partners is a sustainability and energy services company that specializes in the implementation of energy conservation and renewable energy projects. They focus on selecting the most cost-effective scope, contract structure, and financing strategy available to clients and help to realize long-term operational savings. Facebook | LinkedIn | @entegrityenergy

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas is actively involved in the electrical distribution and non-profit energy sector. Their commitment towards creating an energy-efficient future has made them a major player in this sector. LinkedIn | @ElecCoopsArk

Southwest Power Pool

A key player in the energy efficiency industry, the Southwest Power Pool works towards sustainable energy solutions. Their efforts are contributing greatly towards creating a sustainable world. LinkedIn | @spporg

Entergy Arkansas Llc

Founded by Harvey C. Couch, Entergy Arkansas Llc provides utility, nuclear, electric power production, retail distribution operations, energy marketing, and trading services. They also help in restoration and mutual-assistance work services. Facebook | LinkedIn | @EntergyArk

Blue Flame Minerals

Blue Flame Minerals is active in the energy sector, particularly in oil and gas. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.

Harrison Energy Partners

Harrison Energy Partners operates in the commercial and industrial energy sector. More information can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

GTL Americas

Founded by Leon Codron, GTL Americas operates in the energy, fuel, and natural resources sector. They are particularly noted for their work in oil, gas, and sustainability. Facebook | LinkedIn | @GtlAmericas

Home Energy Rx

Home Energy Rx is a residential energy conservation, consulting, and construction company. They provide energy modeling, conservation and efficiency services for new construction and existing homes. Facebook | LinkedIn

Cromwell Architects Engineers

Cromwell Architects Engineers are active in the consulting and renewable energy sectors. Check out their Facebook, LinkedIn and @cromwellarcheng profiles for more information.

A.O.G. Corp.

A.O.G. Corp. provides natural gas distribution services in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Based in Fort Smith, they are steadily growing as a major player in the energy industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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