Montpellier’s Innovative Leaders Pioneering the Future of Renewable Energy

Located in the heart of Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, a cluster of innovative companies are shaping the future of the world’s energy. Implementing green technology and exploring renewable energy solutions, these forward-thinking companies are transforming the face of energy consumption and creating a sustainable future. This article is part of a series dedicated to highlighting the work of these exceptional companies.

These companies, ranging from start-ups to established industry powerhouses, are leveraging Montpellier’s enviable location and investment-friendly landscape to pioneer developments in the green technology and renewable energy sectors. They serve as shining examples of how a commitment to sustainability and innovation can yield tangible results and positive impacts on our environment.

The following companies are not just flag-bearers for the renewable energy industry in Montpellier but are also major contributors to the broader energy sector, demonstrating the city’s leadership in France’s transition towards a greener future. Detailed below, discover the groundbreaking work of these businesses and how they are shaping the world of sustainable energy.

Apex Energies

Apex Energies, a pioneer in solar photovoltaic technology, has positioned itself as an independent producer of green energy. The company develops, owns, and operates photovoltaic power plants and solar water heaters in France and the overseas departments. Apex Energies is a testament to Montpellier’s commitment to renewable energy and green tech innovation. Facebook. LinkedIn.


A leading figure in the energy decentralization revolution is COMWATT. As a market leader for self-production and one of the top 10 French start-ups, COMWATT’s patented technologies have made renewable energy more affordable. The company’s solutions work to reduce consumption by 20% and increase energy production to make people 70% more energy independent. Facebook. LinkedIn.


A key Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the renewable energy sector is Qair. This company operates 860 MW of renewable energy generation assets, reinforcing the omnipresent commitment to green energy in the city of Montpellier. LinkedIn.


Providing research, delivery, and installation for solar and photovoltaics for both commercial and residential purposes, Urbasolar is an innovative player in the renewable energy industry. Facebook. LinkedIn.


Sereema aims to provide wind farm owners and operators with cutting-edge tools to monitor and optimize operating wind turbines. SEREEMA’s solution WINDFIT detects signs of non-optimization and provides a reliable diagnosis of the asset’s performance.

SA Valeco-SPE

Established in 1988, SA Valeco-SPE operates as an energy generation company. The company owns and operates wind farms, highlighting Montpellier’s diverse strategies in extracting renewable energy.

La Compagnie du Vent S.A.

La Compagnie du Vent S.A. underscores its dedication to renewable energy through its wind power initiatives. The company’s work in harnessing wind energy provides a valuable contribution to the overall green energy landscape.

Urbaser Environnement

Urbaser Environnement offers dynamic and innovative waste management solutions, operating at the crossroads of health care, renewable energy, and sustainability. LinkedIn.

82 France

Mainly focusing on Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy, 82 France demonstrates the diverse ways in which green technology can be deployed. LinkedIn.


VOL-V is another key player in the renewable energy sector in Montpellier, working across both Energy and Environmental Engineering. LinkedIn.


LUXEL yet another example of Montpellier’s commitment towards energy innovation in the field of solar and renewable energies. Facebook. LinkedIn.

To conclude, these pioneering companies provide conclusive evidence of the innovative work being done in Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. They are not only contributing enormously to the renewable energy industry but are also playing a critical role in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

Written by Mark Smith

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